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EU|BIC Community’s Impact 2022-2023

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Transformational strength of Europe’s innovation ecosystems.

EU|BICs are an important component of regional innovation
ecosystems in all regions where they exist. Their position is leveraged most when EU|BICs play an active role in orchestrating the innovation ecosystem or they act as developers of the region’s innovation strategy. Those who do this successfully assert the creative power of local entrepreneurs, steer different support mechanisms, and co-design instruments to accelerate the transformation of regional economies.

Although diverse, most organisations in the EU|BIC community operate primarily as startup incubators and accelerators.

EU|BICs use the best possible actions to create thriving startups and SMEs – working in industries ranging from Space, Health, Food, Energy, Smart Materials, and Digital. A key feature of EU|BICs as innovation ecosystem builders and business intermediaries: they are taking real steps to ensure that their services are best advantageous to their clients – and best advantageous to their regions.

As a pan-European community, we concentrate our efforts around four mission commitments: regional economic development, quality business support, access to
finance, and scaling European innovation. We believe these four-mission elements form the core building blocks of a well-performing innovation ecosystem.

EBN is excited to share our community’s impact data, accompanied by a comprehensive framework with hands-on tools for incubators, accelerators, science and technology parks and other innovation actors to help you accelerate collaborative innovation for (regional) sustainable economic development.

Use the links below to access the 2023 Impact Report data.

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Get the playbook – including the 2023 Impact Report visual. Become a better innovation ecosystem builder.

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Learn how to accelerate collaborative innovation for sustainable economic development, expand your toolkit and strengthen your skills.

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