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EU|BIC Inkubator Sežana in Finals of Prestigious International Constantinus International Award 2023

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[Sežana, September 7, 2023] Inkubator d.o.o. Sežana has been nominated among the 12 finalists for the prestigious Constantinus International Award 2023 for the best project in business consulting for the programme “Creative Startup – an entrepreneurial school for people with hearing loss.”

Among the multitude of quality projects from various countries around the world, the Sežana Incubator project was recognised by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) as one of the best in the field of business consulting.

Among the 12 nominated from 11 countries, companies such as CMC-Ukraine, DesignThinkers Academy, eee austria International Projects GmbH, Pokharel Consulting, QUANTUM Consulting, Shanghai EBPM Consulting Co. Ltd., and others are also included.

Inkubator Sežana is a member of the European Business and Innovation Centres Network (EBN)1 and carried out the project under their EU action Better Incubation2. This programme focuses on promoting social innovations and inclusive entrepreneurship, and in our incubator, we wanted to develop new opportunities specifically for individuals with hearing loss,”

said Dorijan Maršič, Director of the incubator.

The programme, in which 10 participants took part, was conducted in collaboration with the Srečko Kosovel Higher Vocational School and the Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Slovenia and represents a unique approach to integrating people with hearing loss in Slovenia and the EU.”

Project manager, Maja Cergol Lipnik, M.A.

The school will be held again at the Inkubator Sežana3. For the next entrepreneurial school, scheduled for September 22 and 23 at the incubator in Sežana, they have already received 10 new applications.

Inkubator Sežana has already received the bronze award from the Primorska Chamber of Commerce for innovations, the EEPA – European Award for promoting responsible and open entrepreneurship, and the Feniks Award from the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia for the best project of the year 2022 in the field of management consulting.

The awards ceremony will be held on October 12, 2023, in Amman (Jordan). You can read more about the award at this link.”

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