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Leading the Change in Regional Innovation: Lipo.ink's Trailblazing Journey to EU|BIC Certification

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In the heart of the Liberec Region, a story of exceptional innovation and commitment unfolds. Lipo.ink, a pivotal division of the Liberec Regional Development Agency (ARR), stands as a testament to transformative change in the Czech Republic. Their journey to securing the EU|BIC Certification is not just about meeting standards but about redefining the benchmarks for regional development and entrepreneurship. This journey reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence and a vision to integrate local prowess with global opportunities. 
Lipo.ink and EBN expert team led by EU|BIC accent (Vienna), attending the meeting of EU|BIC Certification audit on November 30th, 2023.  

EU|BIC Certification: A Mark of Excellence 

The EU|BIC Certification, is a prestigious mark of quality reserved for organisations that demonstrate exceptional socio-economic performance and a commitment to regional development. This certification is not merely a recognition but a pledge to continuous improvement in service delivery and regional impact. Certified organisations like Lipo.ink are distinguished by their outstanding standards in business support services, ecosystem building, startup performance, and access to finance. 

Lipo.ink: Driving Regional Development

Lipo.ink’s role as regional incubator in the Liberec Region is multifaceted, encompassing sustainable economic growth, quality business support, and access to finance, all while fostering international connections. Their efforts have significantly contributed to job creation, entrepreneurial culture, and the modernisation of industries in the region.

ARR: The Backbone of Regional Enhancement

ARR, the Liberec Regional Development Agency, was established in 1993 with the goal of offering technical and expert assistance for projects in the Nisa Euroregion. As an inhouse company of the Liberec Region, ARR focuses on benefiting the region, its inhabitants, and economic entities. The agency comprises five key divisions: 

  1. Lipo.ink: This division supports starting entrepreneurs and the development of existing regional companies, collaborating closely with other divisions for a cohesive approach to innovation and business development. 
  1. Crystal Valley: Reflecting the region’s historic glass production, this division acts as a tourism supporter, highlighting the intricate relationship between the region and the glass industry. 
  1. Smart Accelerator: Linked to Lipo.ink, this division promotes the environment of science, research, and innovation in the Liberec Region, focusing on areas such as optics, glass, and advanced engineering. 
  1. EDIH Northeast: Coordinated by ARR, this division supports regional SMEs and public administration in effectively introducing digital technologies to enhance efficiency and competitiveness. 
  1. Regional Development: This division assists in obtaining funds from subsidies and grants for various projects, playing a crucial role in the region’s development strategy.

Testimonials of Impact 

Petr Dobrovský, Managing Director of ARR, and Philipp Roden, Director of Lipo.ink, share their insights: 

Petr Dobrovský reflects, “As local professionals with a global outlook, our drive to join EBN stems from its potential to significantly enhance our access to an international network, knowledge, and resources. This move is about much more than just expanding our reach; it’s about intensifying the international professional growth of our team and clients.” He continues, “We’re excited about the opportunity to enrich EBN with our extensive regional network and the specialized expertise of our clients. Achieving the EU|BIC certification is not only a testament to our relentless efforts but also a key element in attracting more support from regional governmental and public entities.” 

Philipp Roden comments, “Securing the EU|BIC certification resonates deeply with our ethos of marrying local expertise with a global perspective. It’s not just an accolade for us; it’s a gateway to offering unmatched opportunities for growth and innovation to our clientele and the wider community. This recognition underscores our commitment and capacity to drive meaningful change and progress in the region.” 

Liberec Region: A Centre of Innovation and Growth 

The Liberec Region, characterised by its diverse economy, rich natural resources, and strategic location, forms an ideal setting for Lipo.ink’s activities. The focus on sectors like photonics, nanotechnologies, and advanced manufacturing technologies aligns with Lipo.ink’s mission to foster innovation in these cutting-edge fields. 

As we reflect on Lipo.ink’s trailblazing journey, it’s evident that their story is far from over. Backed by ARR, EBN, and the EU|BIC Certification, Lipo.ink is poised for even greater achievements. The future holds a promise of continued innovation, with plans to expand their impact further in the Liberec Region and beyond. Their comprehensive approach to innovation, business support, and sustainable development establishes Lipo.ink as a cornerstone in the Liberec Region’s economic landscape and a model for other regions in Europe. Their achievements are a clear indication of the power of collaboration, innovation, and strategic vision in driving regional development and prosperity. 

Below there are some photos on Lipo.ink and ARR modern facilities  

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