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Envi-Booster: EU|BIC Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre's (MSIC) Initiative to Drive Sustainable Innovation in Ostrava

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In pursuit of a sustainable future for Ostrava, The EU|BIC Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre (MSIC) proudly presents Envi-Booster, an intensive 12-week acceleration program meticulously crafted to foster innovation in Clean-tech, Climate-tech, ENVI-tech, and circular economy sectors. This initiative aims to catalyze positive change in a region historically shaped by coal mining and industrial activities.

Targeting 10 startups operating at TLR 6/7 level, Envi-Booster offers a comprehensive array of benefits:

  1. Global Visibility: Participating startups will gain exposure and forge strategic alliances with multinational R&D corporations, expanding their market reach and impact.
  2. Expert Mentorship: With access to 24/7 personalized guidance from 10 accredited experts, startups will receive invaluable insights to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities effectively.
  3. Investor Engagement: Direct connections with relevant investors and industry leaders provide startups with access to crucial funding opportunities and strategic partnerships.
  4. Strategic Positioning: Situated in the vibrant CEE region, Ostrava offers startups a strategic location with lower validation costs and convenient access to key markets such as Poland, Slovakia, and Germany.
  5. Seamless Relocation Support: Envi-Booster ensures a seamless transition for startups relocating to Ostrava, providing comprehensive soft-landing assistance.

Envi-Booster is scheduled to run from March to June 2024, offering participating startups a unique platform to drive innovation and shape the future of sustainability in Ostrava.

For further information and to embark on this transformative journey, please reach out to: Nicolas.Ivanovic@ms-ic.cz & izabela.lupienska@ms-ic.cz

You can find more information about Envi-Booster here.

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