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EU|BIC Innovation Ecosystem Building Playbook - Foreword

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As the CEO of EBN, I am thrilled to emphasise the significance of collaboration, digital transformation, green transition, social inclusion, and sustainable impact in European innovation ecosystems.

For nearly four decades, EBN and the EU|BIC community are guided by the belief in innovation as a powerful force that drives economic growth, social progress, and environmental sustainability. Increasingly, innovation can address systemic crises and create solutions across multiple dimensions. Our certified EU|BICs play a vital role in regional development, job creation, and making a positive societal impact by providing resources, guidance, and connections for startups and SMEs to thrive.

Together, we are building dynamic ecosystems that foster growth, entrepreneurship, and tackle global challenges. By strengthening and adapting our innovation ecosystems, we ensure sustainable progress and drive impactful innovation aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In this context, we are pleased with the support and endorsement found among EBN’s long-lasting institutional partners for innovation ecosystem building.

Regional innovation ecosystems are key in addressing local challenges by leveraging local resources and networks. They support the development of context-specific solutions, ensuring relevance, effectiveness, and local ownership. Our efforts align with European strategies and initiatives such as the European Green Deal and the Horizon Europe Programme, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable growth and competitiveness.

Through digital transformation and the green transition, we are embracing the opportunities to shape a cleaner, more sustainable future. European Digital Innovation Hubs and EU|BICs alike are driving forces behind this transformation, championing initiatives that contribute to a greener planet and support businesses in meeting digital challenges.

At the core of our mission is sustainable economic development, driving inclusion and positive societal impact. We strive to foster support for inclusive, sustainable, and impact-oriented ventures that ultimately contribute to greater wellbeing for European citizens – and beyond. Indeed, by integrating social and environmental considerations into business strategies, we can also empower underrepresented entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

Together, with our extensive network across Europe, we are paving the way for a sustainable growth path for European startups, academia, governments, and innovators of all kinds. Through our EU|BIC Innovation Ecosystem Framework, we provide a comprehensive roadmap for realising and strengthening local innovation ecosystems, driving pan-European and global innovation.

Access tools from Europe’s best innovation ecosystem builders

This playbook will help you master cooperation opportunities for startup growth, that many regional innovation actors are challenged with.

It offers a comprehensive framework with hands-on tools for incubators, accelerators, science and technology parks and other entrepreneur support actors to accelerate collaborative innovation for sustainable economic development.

EU|BIC Innovation Ecosystem Building Framework

Based on the extensive experience of EBN and members of the pan-European EU|BIC community, this Framework is a valuable tool to support the development of innovation ecosystems in Europe and beyond.

Within each of the Frameworks’ primary verticals, you can find a unique toolbox of comprehensive actions that can be replicated to ignite and design your local, regional, and national innovation ecosystem strategies.

Implemented by the EU|BIC innovation and its 165+ members, 630+ experts and ecosystem partners across Europe, the EU|BIC Innovation Ecosystem Framework categories and shares tested methodologies and support services.

Within each of the Frameworks’ primary verticals, you can find a unique toolbox of comprehensive actions that can be replicated to ignite and design your local, regional, and national innovation ecosystem strategies.

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