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EBN Training & Knowledge offer 2024

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Thriving collaborative connections for greater innovation capacity in the whole of Europe

Training offer includes:

Registrations are open for EU Project Pills:

In a world seeking to solve our global challenges, we believe that innovative entrepreneurs are the force for sustainable, economic development and greater wellbeing for Europe – and beyond. With the speed of innovation constantly increasing, EU|BICs need to stay relevant in their local catchment area and on par with European innovation demands. Through its comprehensive service offer, the European Business and Innovation Centre Network aims to support EU|BICs in their continuous strive for improvement.

We believe that the strength of the community is every one of its members, and the strength of individual EU|BICs is the community, our network.  “THRIVING COLLABORATIVE CONNECTIONS” therefore comes as the natural way for us to boost innovation capacity in the whole of Europe and beyond, counting on EU|BICs as engines of regional development and vital nodes of an international innovation ecosystem.

In 2024, EBN offers a comprehensive training & knowledge package aimed at supporting EU|BIC managers and operational staff in their continuous learning path. Structured along 4 main training tracks, the programme builds on the expertise of other incubation practitioners and proposes engaging and collaborative training approaches.

EU Project PillsEU|BIC EssentialsEBN Techcamp
– Cascade Funding Opportunities
– Associate Countries in HE
Essentials Deep Dives | Incubation Services:EU|BIC Essentials Training– Transform
– Innovate
– Accelerate
– Circular Economy
– Deeptech
– Open Innovation
– Digital Transition
– Digital Innovation (EDIH)

EU Project Pills

This training track offers Certified EU|BICs and Associate members (incl. your client companies) insights on funding opportunities offered by the EU through different granting schemes.

In 2024, we will focus on two different aspects:

  1. Cascade funding opportunities for EU|BICs’ client companies.
  2. Participation of Associated and Other Third Countries in Horizon Europe

Cascade funding opportunities

Organised in collaboration with the EU|BIC Associate Sploro, this EU Project Pill will focus on cascade funding opportunities available in the three priority areas identified by EBN in 2024 (namely circular economy, deep tech and open innovation).

Hexagon Date: Wednesday 29 May 2024, 12:00-12:45 CET

Associated & Third Countries to Horizon Europe

A unique aspect of Horizon Europe is the concept of Associated Countries, non-EU countries that are part of the European Research Area (ERA) and contribute to the programme’s budget, gaining the opportunity to participate under conditions similar to those of EU MS. Their participation plays a crucial role in the overall framework, given that scientific research and innovation are increasingly global endeavours, demanding collaboration beyond the conventional geographical and political barriers.

Hexagon Date: Wednesday 03 July 2024, 10:00-12:30 CET

Target audience

  • EU|BIC project managers
  • Client companies of EU|BICs
  • Non-members

Training fees

  • Free for EU|BICs and EU|BIC Associates and their client companies
  • Cascade funding opportunities: € 59 (ex VAT) for non-members
  • Associated & Third Countries to HE: € 120 (ex VAT) for non-members

EU|BIC Essentials

EU|BIC Essentials Training Track 2024

In its 40th anniversary, the European Business Innovation Centre Network takes a “back to basics” approach to offer EU|BICs and BSOs training opportunities aimed at looking at the cornerstones of the EU|BICs mission, approaches and practices from a contemporary perspective. In particular, 2024 is dedicated to better understanding how EU|BICs contribute to both the green and digital transitions European economies and societies are going through.

What are the sectors, technologies, the economic and societal frameworks that are renewing the entrepreneurial ecosystem(s) in Europe? How is the innovation ecosystem changing in Europe and its regions? What are the new stakeholders EU|BICs have to engage with, and what are the new ecosystemic dynamics? What are the new emerging business models for companies and EU|BICs? What are the places innovations are today emerging from and scaling to? How are EU|BICs reskilling themselves to stay up to date with these new trends and related cultural changes?

The EBN Secretariat presents a series of training sessions and a training course aimed at offering answers to the questions above.

The green transition is under the spotlight of the first EU|BIC Essentials Deep Dive Session on Incubation Services for Circular Economy and the EBN Congress 2024 “Sustaining Sustainable Industry”, co-hosted by EU|BIC Atlanpole in Nantes the 12-14 June 2024.

The digital transition is the file rouge for the training and networking events planned between September and November 2024: the EU|BIC Essentials Deep Dives on Incubation Services for Deep Tech and Open Innovation, EU|BIC Essentials Training Track 2024, and the EBN Techcamp 2024.

Deep Dive Training Sessions | Incubation Services

This training track offers EU|BIC incubation managers and operational staff thematic deep-dive sessions aimed at better understanding the specificities of incubation programmes dedicated to a certain sector/ technology.

These are the themes we will tackle in 2024:

  • Incubation Services for Circular Economy
  • Incubation Services for Deep Tech
  • Incubation Services for Open Innovation

Format Schedule
In each EU|BIC Essentials Deep Dive session we will first gain expert insights on the characteristics of the innovation ecosystem related to that given system/technology/strategic approach. We will then enter a second phase where we will go through the whole incubation value chain and highlight relevant specificities of the sector covering successful activities, Outreach & Engagement strategies for the specific target audience (beneficiaries and relevant stakeholders), and resources (HR, infrastructures and financial). The session will be enriched with best practices coming from the network.

The format will also include some collective exercises to further investigate the context and scout ongoing initiatives in the wider EU|BICs community.

Each session will anticipate other EBN events/training activities, allowing participants to further explore the topic and connect with other EU|BICs with the same interest.

Incubation Services for Circular Economy

Hexagon Online, Thursday 23 May 2024, 10:00-12:15 CET

Incubation Services for Deep Tech

Hexagon Online, Thursday 19 September 2024, 10:00-12:15 CET

Incubation Services for Open Innovation

Hexagon In-person (Dublin, Ireland), Tuesday 19 November 2024, 14:30-16:45 GMT

Target audience

  • EU|BICs’ incubation managers and operational staff
  • Business support organizations, incubators
    Training fees
  • Free for EU|BICs and EU|BIC Associates
  • For non-members € 120 (ex VAT) per module
  • For non-members €299 (ex VAT) for 3 modules

EU|BIC Essentials Training 2024: Shaping, Supporting, Scaling Digital Innovation Ecosystems

In its 8th edition (at least!), the EU|BIC Essentials Training will focus on the role EU|BICs play in the digital innovation ecosystems.

Over 5 modules participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of all segments of the incubation chain and explore the latest trends in ecosystem building and innovation support. This year’s training will have a specific focus on European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) and the role EU|BICs play in the digital transformation processes of their ecosystems.

Format & Schedule
EU|BIC Essentials Training 2024 is structured in five online 2-hour modules:

  • Module 1 > Digital Innovation & Digital Transformation: setting the framework.
  • Module 2 > EU|BICs supporting digital innovation & digital transformation: ecosystem, governance, expertise (HR), financial model, and infrastructures
  • Module 3 > Incubation services: stimulation and selection services
  • Module 4 > Incubation services: startup and scale-up services
  • Module 5 > Debriefing Module allowing participants to go back to the topic they were interested in the most for further exchanges with experts and peers.

Hexagon Date: Online, 30 September – 4 October 2024 (10-12 CET)

Target audience

  • EU|BICs’ incubation managers and operational staff
  • EDIHs
  • Business/ Entrepreneurship support organizations (BSO/ESO)

Training fees

  • Free for EU|BICs and EU|BIC Associates
  • For non-members € 399,- (ex VAT)

2024 EBN Techcamp

EBN Techcamp 2024 ‘Transform. Innovate. Accelerate.’ is the place where incubators, accelerators, science parks, innovation centres, ecosystem actors, and innovators of all kinds connect. Gearing up for the Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence era, you will learn how to stay ahead of the curve while remaining focused on our joint mission of Transformation, Innovation and Acceleration. EBN Techcamp 2024 offers a remarkable immersive learning and networking experience right at the heart of the vibrant entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem of EU|BIC Furthr, in Dublin, Ireland – the global hub for pharma, medtech and digital technologies.   

For two days, the Guinness Enterprise Center, a true innovation hotspot deeply embedded in the city of Dublin, will be our home base where we explore the evolving landscape of business and innovation support practices in the era of AI and digital innovation. Over two days, you will:   

  1. Gather experts’ insights and engage with them and peers in dynamic workshops and collaborative sessions.   
  1. Gain sector-specific insights into how digitalisation and AI are reshaping industries like health, green energy, and gaming/aviation.   
  1. Delve into three key perspectives: EU|BICs, their clients, and investors.  

Not least, the 2024 EBN Techcamp is the moment to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the European Business Innovation Centre Network. This event is an opportunity for the EU|BIC community to come together and acknowledge the impact we have had on Europe’s innovation landscape. It will be a night of networking, where we can raise a toast to EBN’s four decades of innovation!  

Join us at EBN Techcamp 2024 in Dublin, from 19-21 November, and dive into the heart of Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence!  

Schedule Summary  

19 Nov – off schedule: Dive deep into essential innovation, business support and investor network services and best practices from your host EU|BIC Furthr – the driver of Dublin’s innovation ecosystem.  

20 – 21 Nov: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive programme designed to address the impacts of digitalisation and AI on EU|BICs, their clients, and investors.  

Plus, celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the European Business Innovation Centre Network with us at the Techcamp dinner—a night of networking and toasting EBN’s 40 years of innovation. 

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to stay ahead in the digital age. Register now and be part of the transformation! 

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