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Successful Conclusion of Lebanon Innovate Capacity Building Programme for IPR Lawyers

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We are thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the in-person training session for the Lebanon Innovate Capacity Building Programme for IPR Lawyers. Held recently, this event brought together 17 dedicated legal professionals committed to advancing their expertise in Intellectual Property (IP) rights.

The capacity-building initiative, an integral part of the Lebanon Innovate Program funded by the European Union, aims to empower legal professionals with invaluable knowledge and skills, thereby fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Lebanon. Through collaborative efforts, the program seeks to build a strong support network for entrepreneurship within the legal community.

Agenda Overview:

Day 1:

  • Arrival of participants
  • Introductions: Berytech, EBN, and Experts
  • Module 1: Introduction to IP & Innovation
    • Defining Innovation
    • Types of IP and forms of protection
    • Exploring the role of IP in fostering innovation
    • Understanding Lebanese and EU legal frameworks
    • Understanding global treaties and agreements related to IP

Day 2:

  • Module 2: IP Policies and Protection
    • Fundamentals and impacts of IP Policy
    • Formulating IP Policies tailored to specific needs
    • Case studies on the impact of robust IP policies
    • Legal Strategies for IP Protection

“I had the pleasure to participate in two kick-off in-person sessions of the Lebanon Innovate Capacity Building Programme focused on a group of 20 Lebanese Lawyers. Honestly, I can’t remember meeting a group of such motivated, communicative, and friendly legal professionals as in Beirut last week. My understanding is that the eagerness of this group to learn about IP protection and technology transfer has to do with the current admirable momentum of Lebanese Universities and the enormous trust and hope placed in them by the Lebanese society at large. It is also an honor to stand alongside SADER & Associates, a law firm with an admirable history who have been spearheading the topic of IPR in Lebanon and in the broader region for the past decades.”

Trainer Matej Kliman

We extend our sincere appreciation to all participants, trainer, and partners for their dedication and contributions to making this event a resounding success.

For more information about upcoming events and initiatives, please stay tuned to our website.

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