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Bilişim Vadisi's DIGIAGE Programme Earns a Spot in the Nantes Final!

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EBN’s mission to identify, celebrate, disseminate, and spotlight the most effective business support practices within the EU|BIC community will be on stage 13 June at the CIC Ouest’s, the venue for the EBN Congress 2024

Bilişim Vadisi’s, one of the newest additions of the EU|BIC Community, will be the EU|BIC associate representing Türkiye in the grand final. One of the 7 selected programmes to pitch on stage of the EU|BIC Excellence Awards: Most Impactful Programme. Bilişim Vadisi, an EU|BIC associate since 2023, and its DIGIAGE programme, show the compromise of the newest EU|BICs in bringing fresh ideas to the broader EU|BIC community.

european business and innovation centre network 40 years anniversary supporting eubics

The European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN), celebrating its 40th anniversary, aims to highlight the best practices within the EU|BICs.

Established in 2019 as a game cluster centre in the premises EU|BIC Bilişim Vadisi, the DIGIAGE programme (Digital Game and Animation Center) aims to address inequality of opportunity in technology, identify young talent in the digital gaming industry while enabling them to benefit from the global digital economy, and transform discovered talent into successful business ventures.

This incredibly comprehensive programme integrates under its umbrella workshops, camps and trainings. Since its inception in 2019, it organises two game development camps every summer and winter. These camps have attracted over 18,000 applications, with more than 3,200 online and 1,440 physical participants. Successful teams receive a seed investment of $20,000. This structure provides educational opportunities, like mentoring from over 80 mentors and 50 trainers, professional development, and support for budding entrepreneurs. The track record of international participation is also impressive, collecting people from 71 cities and 30 countries, enhancing diversity and networking.

To date, the programme has facilitated the development of over 250 games.

In January 2023, DIGIAGE evolved into an spin-off company of Bilişim Vadisi. This has helped the programme receive support from more stakeholders, including the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkiye.

Nevertheless, the programme continues true to its mission of supporting entrepreneurs with legal, accounting, team management, training, and investor negotiations from company formation to Series A investment stage.

DIGIAGE 2023 Game Development Winter Camp & Ecosystem Meeting

As the EBN Congress 2024 approaches, excitement is building. This landmark event will bring together key players in innovation and business support. DIGIAGE‘s success story in Türkiye has demonstrated its potential for transferability to other regions, fostering global collaboration and information sharing.

With a proven track record and an ambitious vision, DIGIAGE continues to drive innovation and excellence in the gaming industry, now extending its impact to the international stage with its spot in the EU|BIC Excellence Awards final.

Stay tuned for the next sneak peak of the 7 finalist programmes and join us in celebrating the spirit of innovation at the EBN Congress 2024!

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