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IPN's INEO START programme begins 14th edition with hopes on Nantes

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EBN’s mission to identify, celebrate, disseminate, and spotlight the most effective business support practices within the EU|BIC community will be on stage 13 June at the CIC Ouest’s, the venue for the EBN Congress 2024

Instituto Pedro Nunes’ INEO START is the oldest Portuguese acceleration programme, having supported more than 140 teams who have become mature and viable businesses in the national and European stage. It now begins a new edition with hopes of achieving the title of Most Impactful Programme in the EU|BIC Excellence Awards final. EU|BIC IPN has been a member of the EBN since 2009, and will be among the 7 finalists to pitch on stage in the stage of CIC Ouest during the annual EBN Congress in Nantes.

european business and innovation centre network 40 years anniversary supporting eubics

The European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN), celebrating its 40th anniversary, aims to highlight the best practices within the EU|BICs.

INEO START is a comprehensive programme where entrepreneurs, researchers, and startups meet in Coimbra for 4 weeks to realise an idea into a business. It aims to validate early-stage technology-based business ideas or advanced services through structured workshops, networking opportunities, and mentorship sessions led by experienced professionals. The programme covers Innovation and Business Models, Marketing for Startups, Business Planning and Funding, and Pitching Skills.

By the end, participants refine their business ideas, expand their networks, and identify potential funding sources. The programme culminates in a Demo Day where participants showcase their ideas to investors, companies, and other relevant entities. Established in 2010, INEO START is the oldest acceleration programme in Portugal.

Since 2010, INEO START has had significant social, economic, and environmental impacts. It has trained 142 teams, created 30 startups, and involved 360 external experts over 13 editions.

The programme, which includes solutions like AI, IoT, robotics, and other digital technologies, as well as green solutions addressing pollution, clean energy, and building efficiency has had, since 2010, significant social, economic, and environmental impacts. It has trained 142 teams, created 30 startups, and involved 360 external experts. The programme enhances entrepreneurial competencies, supports innovation processes, and strengthens the regional innovation ecosystem.

The crucial connections it fosters between higher education institutions, entrepreneurs, companies, and investors, lead to job creation and new commercial solutions. INEO START is aimed at individuals or teams from R&I non-business entities in the Portuguese Central Region surrounding Coimbra, including university and polytechnic institutions, technology transfer centres, and technology centres.

Showcase of INEO Start 13th edition

As the EBN Congress 2024 approaches, anticipation is building. This landmark event will unite key innovators and leaders in business support. IPN will broadcast INEO START’s success story beyond Coimbra, pitching it to the public of the Congress.

The EBN’s mission of promoting global collaboration and knowledge exchange among the 7 finalists and the broader EU|BIC community will have an excellent role model with the Portuguese EU|BIC, whose 13 beneficiaries of 2024 and the more than 140 of past editions contribute to a stronger, greener and more technological economy in the Central Region and beyond. Now, with its place in the EU|BIC Excellence Awards final, it will broaden their impact to the international stage.

Stay tuned for the next sneak peek of the 7 finalist programmes and join us in celebrating the spirit of innovation at the EBN Congress 2024!

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