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2024 EBN Congress 'Supporting sustainable industry' 12-14 June in Nantes - co-hosted by EU|BIC Atlanpole

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From 12 to 14 June , Congress, the largest gathering of European incubators, accelerators, innovation centres, and innovation supporters of all kinds, will gather in Nantes France to discuss how can we best navigate the delicate balance between sustainable, economic, and industrial development targets.

Brought to you by EBN and EU|BIC Atlanpole, the 2024 EBN Congress will gather innovation experts, business incubation executives, corporate leaders, and senior-level government officials in Nantes, France. In 2024, our community will explore how EU|BICs are supporting the challenge-driven strong innovation networks – regionally and EU-wide – and supporting entrepreneurial innovation that modernises industrial ventures.

Supporting sustainable industry

Sustainability and industry converge in innovation. And this convergence is an imperative. The long-term viability of the industrial sector in Europe, its competitiveness, social and labour attractiveness, and the capacity to answer unexpected crises robustly (EU’s technological and industrial sovereignty) will hinge on maximising the capabilities of its surrounding innovation ecosystems.

The industrial landscape of the future embraces ecological responsibility, resource efficiency, and social impact. Innovation is the catalyst for this change. Can we strengthen the European net-zero industrial capacity and overcome barriers to scaling up manufacturing solutions?

Why join?

  • Meet future partners – develop a global network of innovation leaders, experts, and decision-makers.
  • Debate, co-learn, and design strategies to navigate your business support.
  • Develop new business models and improve your support programmes – mitigate risks and position your company.
  • Create opportunities – repurpose knowledge, resources, practices, and technologies to tackle sustainability challenges.

More to celebrate: Introducing the 2024 Award for
the most impactful support programme. As part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of EBN, this French city will host a surprise for the EU|BICs. 

Marking the 40th anniversary of the EU|BIC community, EBN is showcasing its members’ contributions, shedding light on their initiatives, and fulfilling actively advancing its mission to identify, commemorate, share and prominently feature the most effective practices within its community.

Find more about this year’s Congress and EU|BIC Excellence awards

The jury will then select the best 7 applications who will have the chance to pitch their programme on stage at the 2024 EBN Congress. They will be able to promote their work and “campaign” for votes. Among the 7, the winner will be selected by the audience present in Nantes and the award will be given during the networking dinner on 13 June 2024.

Should you have any questions, or special requests, please do not hesitate to contact events@ebn.eu.

Get ready for #EBN2024. Tickets are up for sale!

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