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Best Practice Breakfast: On how to build... Virtual Incubation/ Acceleration programmes

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In this best-practice breakfast session, about virtual incubation and acceleration, members come together to share key takeways allowing EU|BICs to leverage new strategies of business support delivery together with new tools for online support services. Together we  discover and test assumptions and insights on how EU|BICs can enrich  their services offering in accessing and supporting even larger audiences of entrepreneurs and startups.


‘’EU|BICs demonstrate the ability to listen, understand and react quickly to the needs of innovators and entrepreneurs. For the EU|BIC community, the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the process of digital transformation. EU|BICs adapted, to help entrepreneurs navigate during this period by shifting their services to fit virtual delivery. EU|BICs also adopted digital tools to facilitate remote working and ensure the continuity of service delivery.’’ 


The digitalisation of acceleration and incubation programmes brought new opportunities to EU|BICs and lowered the barriers to entrepreneurship, especially for founders based in rural or less economically developed regions. Significantly lower entry barriers, virtual support programmes now enable entrepreneurs to attend a virtual hackathon, bootcamp, up to full incubation and acceleration programmes. At the same time, virtual delivery has allowed BSOs to access, support and connect a global audience of entrepreneurs and startups. Those organisations who decide to invest in the digitalisation of their service may no longer be confined by their regional or national borders in the future. Grab your coffee, it is time to take stock of what works, and to improve our virtual service offerings.


Register at: https://bit.ly/22BpB1

*Please note that this event is open exclusively to EBN members, registrations are open until 24 February 2022.


Would like more information? Contact Amal El Ghadfa – Nathalie Marchand

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