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EU|BIC Intellectual Property (for business) Training Track

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The hands-on, interactive training modules allow business support experts to interact closely with our trainers and fellow learners. Participants will ‘graduate’ from this training with key tools, knowledge and methods ready to be put into practice with their startup and SME clients.


Training details

Following in the footsteps of hundreds of graduated EU|BIC training track participants, you will gain the hands-on skills to better support your client startups and SMEs in turning intellectual property (IP) into a business asset.

Our training experts are here to increase your understanding of how to identify and manage IP, such as trademarks, copyright, designs and patents.

Organised in collaboration with the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and experienced professionals, the training focuses on assessing the innovation potential of business ideas. Upon completing the course you have gained practical knowledge on how to protect, commercialise, and enforce innovation through IP.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be granted a Certificate of Attendance.


Key takeaways

  • Broaden your professional network to work jointly with other EU|BIC members increasing your skills in protecting innovation and startup ideas from client companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Gain a concrete understanding of methodologies and services for entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs helping them to scan, file, and protect innovative ideas, brands and inventions through IP.
  • Access practical tools & best practices on how to utilise the services and funding of European institutions to enhance your support in the startup growth journey of your client companies.
  • Transform your technical knowledge into practical advice by considering how to deploy your team’s best values and practices within the broader organisation.


Why learn with us?

Learn about intellectual property from the EUIPO experts who register and grant trademarks and designs, and advise governments and businesses on IP issues. 90% of past participants said they had a better understanding of IP after attending the training track.

The two-module course will enable you to develop a detailed understanding of all aspects of IP and its relationship with business and innovation. The training is designed so that you will develop sound practical skills you can apply to a startup and SME business environment.

Training partners

We are proud to organise this course with the support of:

  • European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) (more info)
  • EURid (more info)
  • (TBC) World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) (more info)
  • Stobbs – Intangible Asset Management (more info)
  • The Adjacent Possible (more info)
  • European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN)


Who is this course for?

Business support advisors, coaches and experts, inventors, and those with the responsibility for managing an IP portfolio – and anyone in the EU|BIC community with an interest in IP.


Course dates

Module 1: Business Planning and IP, online, 16 March 2023, 10.00 – 12.30 CET.

Module 2: IP Exploration and Discovery, online, 30 March, 10.00 – 12.30 CET.


How to register

The course is brought to you by the EBN, EUIPO and the generous support of our partners. Exceptionally, we offer the course to a restricted number of participants, which also helps us increase the interaction during the training. To apply for the training free of cost, we advise you to register as soon as possible.

To register for the online course please fill in and send the registration form here.

For further information please email events@ebn.eu or raffaele.buompane@ebn.eu.


Module details

Download the course guide here: EU|BIC IP Training Track 2023.

For a detailed overview of the training topics and timing, download the EUBIC IP Training Track 2023 – agenda.



Key learning targets

  • Understand the importance of IP for startups and SMEs: Common problems of SMEs in their day-to-day activities.
  • Why IP should be an integral part of a business strategy.
  • How IP can be a business asset.
  • IP protection tools exist/ you can use (e. g. trademarks, NDAs, copyrights, domain names, etc).



Key learning targets

  • Searching trademark and design registers.
  • Understanding other people’s IP and how to avoid trouble.
  • Where to start and to which institutions can you turn for help?



Key learning targets

  • What is technology transfer and why is it important?
  • How does technology licensing work and what types of licenses should I consider?
  • Are there more options for an SME than to build a product (based on IP) and sell it?
  • Open Innovation as an innovation management paradigm; its effects on IP; how IP can be managed under an open innovation paradigm.



Key learning targets

  • How to approach dispute resolution and resolve an intellectual property dispute.
  • What legal actions can you take to maintain your IP rights and ensure that no third party uses them without proper authorization, and how to obtain compensation for losses when they do?
  • Where to start and to which institutions can you turn for help?



Nicolas Vigneron – EUIPO

Nicolas Vigneron is currently leading the Customer Experience and SME Network Service of the EUIPO and Programme Manager of the EUIPO Strategic Plan 2025 SME Programme. He is a French national with a Master’s Degree in Private and IP Law from Poitiers University (France) and an Executive Master’s in Commercial and Marketing Management from ESADE (Spain). Nicolas has been working with the EUIPO since 2000 where he occupied several positions in the external relations, cooperation area and website and online solutions.


Philipp Homann – EUIPO

Philipp Homann is currently working as a legally qualified member in the EUIPO´s Opposition Division. Prior to joining the EUIPO, Philipp worked in Brussels and Alicante in private practice as an attorney at law specialising in IP and Competition Law. He also served as a Member and Secretary of the Law Committee of ECTA, an international non-governmental professional association entrusted with the promotion of the knowledge and professionalism of the intellectual property law community in the fields of trademarks, designs, copyright and other intellectual property rights, within the European Union.


Mary White – I am Stobbs

Mary White is an Irish and EU Trade Mark Attorney and leads the Dublin office for the leading brand advisory firm, Stobbs. In the past, Mary has worked with IP boutiques in Dublin, London and Cornwall. She has a special interest in helping high-potential start-ups and scaling-up SME companies with their growth strategy. Mary believes the commercial vision of businesses should drive innovation management and intellectual property strategies, which in turn are critical for the company’s overall sustained performance.


Elisavet Karagiampi – EUIPO

Elisavet Karagiampi works at the EUIPO as SME Supportive Initiatives Team Coordinator, and Project Manager in EUIPO on Cooperation and Customer projects. She gained experience from her work as IP specialist at the Trademark Office in the Greek Ministry of Development and as a Marketing specialist in Servier, Novo Nordisk pharmaceuticals and Hygeia Hospital.


Aneta Szczepankiewicz, EURid

Aneta Szczepankiewicz is the Liaison Manager at EURid, the European registry of .eu, .ею and .ευ domain names. EURid is a non-profit organization that cooperates with approximately 700 accredited partners worldwide. Its mission is to support and promote a safe and trustworthy environment for the European Digital Single Market.

Aneta has been working at EURid as the Liaison Manager for 15 years. While working with key accounts in the Polish market she is also responsible for many functional procedures in the company. Additionally, Aneta is the coordinator of the Content Hub and Open School at EURid which is catering to pieces of training for EURid’s business partners as well as webinars to popularize knowledge on e-security and the Internet to a broader audience.


Oliver Csiki – SNE at EUIPO

Oliver Csiki is currently working as a seconded national expert (SNE) at the EUIPO’s European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights (the Observatory). As a law enforcement officer at the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA), he was responsible for various levels and areas of the fight against intellectual property infringements. Oliver has relevant experience in the international field, having participated as a national contact point in various international operations of the WCO, OLAF, Europol, Interpol, and SELEC.


William Carbone – The Adjacent Possible

William Carbone is the CEO & Co-founder of The Adjacent Possible, an R&D company helping organizations leverage new intellectual property opportunities in different industries with the mission to connect global technology ecosystems. During his former 10+ years tenure at IBM, he has covered roles such as Quantum Ambassador, Global Business Development for the Aerospace and Defence industries, Program Manager for AI and Innovation and has been a member of the prestigious IBM Academy of Technology.  William is an entrepreneur with a long experience in creating innovation ecosystems and promoting talent around the world (Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, the United States and the Middle East). As the chairman of the IBM Technical Experts Council for CEE, he promoted innovation, patents, research and cutting-edge technologies such as Quantum, Blockchain, AI, IoT, HybridCloud, and the technical eminence of young talents in the region, creating a network of experts connected to external ecosystems and startups.


Vlad Lichtenthal – The Adjacent Possible

Vlad Lichtenthal is an innovation scholar and a serial entrepreneur. He conducts applied research in Open Innovation at the University of Hamburg (Germany). He is also a senior lecturer in Strategy and Leadership at the Aalborg University Business School (Denmark). As an external examiner for the Danish Ministry of Education, Vlad co-develops new study programs in business- and innovation management and is involved in their long-term quality development. In 2021 he co-founded Finland’s first Open innovation studio “The Adjacent Possible”.



More information

For registration and more information contact Raffaele Buompane.

To attend you can register below.

Register here


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