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EUSPA / EBN webinar: Space Technologies for Fintech and Insurtech

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Data from satellites have become an important source of information unlocking new business opportunities and enabling non-existing use cases. EBN together with the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) organises a series of webinars showcasing how space data is enriching industries already today. During the webinars, the EUSPA will introduce the EU Space programmes and activities for entrepreneurs and startups, deep dive into how space data can enrich different sectors and examples of existing projects.


The 6th webinar of our series focuses on Space Technologies for FinTech.


The Earth Observation data and services for the insurance and finance market segment will see an annual growth rate of 20% in the next decade, resulting in almost €1 bn in total revenues. Today Earth Observation (EO) is increasingly used to compute indices for parametric products, particularly for crops and livestock insurance and also for calibration of risk models and assessment of damage supporting both the insurance and finance stakeholders in claim management. In finance, EO will further increase its position in the production of indices for commodities trading supporting the development of logistics strategies for organizations that exploit natural resources. Not only does EO plays a central role but also GNSS by enabling timestamping of transactions in financial applications as well as in claim assessment.

In this webinar, participants will learn how Earth Observation data when combined with in situ data and advanced methods and technologies such as high-performance computing and machine learning can be a very efficient tool supporting the digitalization of the financial sector. The focus will be put on innovative solutions and applications, which are based on free Copernicus Earth Observation data and information service.



Note: registration is required to participate in this event.

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About the Experts

Justyna Redelkiewicz is the Head of Section Consumer and Environment at the European Union Agency for Space Programme (EUSPA). EUSPA’s core mission is to provide reliable, safe and secure space-related services from European space programs such as Galileo, Copernicus and GovSatCom, maximising their socio-economic benefits for society and businesses. Within the Agency Justyna is leading the Cassini initiative, encompassing a set of support activities for EU start-ups, offering funding opportunities for the development of space downstream products and solutions. She is also in charge of the market and technology research at EUSPA, managing publications of annual reports on satellite navigation and Earth observation use in various industries. Before joining EUSPA, she held business management responsibilities at Toshiba, Comarch and Nestle. She has a Master’s degree in International Business from Poznan University of Economics, a Master in Business Administration from Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL) and she is also an alumnus of International Space University.


Bernardo Brum is a Business Consultant at the European Union Agency for the Space Program (EUSPA, former GSA), where he has been working since 2014 supporting EGNSS market adoption in mass market domains. Before joining the Agency, he worked in the private sector for different companies in the telecommunication industry. Mr Brum holds a master’s degree in Wireless Systems and related technologies from the Politecnico di Torino (Italy) and a post-graduate Master’s in Economics and Business Administration from the IAE Business School (Argentina).



The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) provides safe and secure European satellite navigation services, promotes the commercialization of Galileo, EGNOS, and Copernicus data and services and coordinates the EU’s forthcoming governmental satellite communications programme GOVSATCOM. EUSPA is responsible for the security accreditation of all the EU Space Programme components. By fostering the development of an innovative and competitive space sector and engaging with the entire EU Space community, EUSPA contributes to the European Green Deal and digital transition, the safety and security of the Union and its citizens, while reinforcing its autonomy and resilience.


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