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INVITATION: WORKSHOPS AT 2023 EBN CONGRESS: #1 Sustainable Resilient Societies, #2 Space Industry Collaborative Opportunities

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We would like to share with you the invitation to the topical workshops and networking opportunities, organized as a side event of the 2023 EBN Congress on 13 June 2023.



Interactive Workshops

#1 Sustainable Resilient Societies, by CLEVER Cities

#2 Space Industry Collaborative Opportunities, by EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA)

13 June 2023

Open Gardens / Kumst Creative Hub (Brno, Czech Republic)




EBN, EUSPA, CleverCities and EU|BICs are organizing two topical workshops, designed for SIG members and relevant partners under the auspices of the EBN Congress co-hosted by EU|BIC JIC.

The workshops will bring together members of the EU|BIC community in a trusted setting with the aim of encouraging the exchange of ideas and creating new collaborations in the context of the workshop topics Sustainable Societies and the Space Industry.

The networking component will feature experts from the industry and governmental institutions from the EU Agency for the Space Programme – Market Development division, Brno Urban Garden, SME4SmartCities, as well as your trusted colleagues from the EU|BIC community. It will provide ample opportunities for organisations with an interest in the Space industry and Sustainable urban solutions to build new connections and links for further collaboration.

Registration for in-person participation is open through the following link: register here*.


*Kindly note that registration for the workshops does not include access to the 2023 EBN Congress (Brno) on 14-15 June. For more information and tickets for #EBN2023 see here.



WORKSHOP 1 | More sustainable and resilient societies: nature-based solutions at the service of cities, people and planet (13 June 2023, from 14h to 15h30 | Open Gardens)

Nature-based solutions (NBS) recently gained high policy attention due to their potential to address pressing environmental, social and economic challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and the need for sustainable development. NBS respond to the goals of several top-priority policy agendas, at the European and international level, including the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, the European Green Deal, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

With the support of the CLEVER Cities EU-funded project, EBN invites you to join an interactive and practical workshop on “NBS – impact, support and financial mechanism” on 13 June from 14h to 15h30. More details on the agenda follow below.

Why should EU|BICs be interested in NBS projects?

There are several reasons to start considering NBS projects:

  • Innovation opportunities: NBS projects offer opportunities for developing new products, services, and business models that can help to address environmental challenges and create sustainable solutions. By engaging in NBS projects, business incubators can support the development of innovative start-ups and SMEs that can bring new ideas and technologies to market.
  • Social responsibility: NBS projects contribute to sustainable development by promoting social, environmental, and economic benefits. By supporting NBS projects, business incubators can demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Access to funding: NBS projects are often eligible for funding from government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private sector companies. By supporting NBS projects, business incubators can provide their start-ups and SMEs with access to funding opportunities that can help to accelerate their growth and development.
  • Market demand: There is a growing demand for sustainable products and services among consumers and businesses. By supporting NBS projects, business incubators can help to create a pipeline of start-ups and SMEs that can meet this demand and capture market opportunities.

Overall, NBS projects offer a range of benefits for business incubators and their start-ups and SMEs. By supporting these projects, business incubators can play a crucial role in promoting sustainable development and creating new business opportunities.

For more info please refer to Joanna Abi Abdallah Joanna.abiabdallah@ebn.eu.

  Welcome & Registration
14:00 Presentation of the Brno Urban Garden (from the idea, the realization and use) (15’)
14:10 Clever Cities EU-funded initiative – aim and cities (Milan, Hamburg and London) challenges (20’)
14:25 SME4SmartCities – how innovative SMEs can help cities to overcome social and environmental challenges? The role of the EU|BICs as drivers of opportunities for cities (20’)
14:40 Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform – a marketplace aiming to connect global market demand for nature-based solutions with innovative enterprises developing new sustainable nature-based solutions (20’)
14:55 Discussion: How to attract private funding for NBS: Financial mechanisms for funding NBS solutions (30’)
15:20 Q&A and networking (15’)
15:30 Wrap up and close



WORKSHOP 2 | Space Industry Collaborative Opportunities (13 June 2023, from 14.30h to 15h50 | KUMST Creative Hub)

We are excited to welcome all Space, Mobility, and Defence SIG members to the yearly in-person SIG meeting at the 2023 EBN Congress. This is our yearly opportunity for us to connect in a personal setting and create new collaborations.

This year we welcome the attendance of the EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) to offer their support and provide the latest insights on funding calls and upcoming opportunities. EUSPA also would like to hear directly from you about how they can better support your operations and the success of your client startups.


  Welcome & Registration
14:30 Opening by EUSPA Market Development + Icebreaking group map exercise facilitated by EBN
14:50 EUSPA presents the latest and upcoming opportunities for space-related companies
15:20 Experience from members
15:30 Facilitated networking based on the group map exercise
15:50 Wrap up and close


We look forward to your participation in the on-site meeting which will have a highly interactive character, set up for matchmaking and networking.

With the aim to strengthen cooperation, among SIG members and with EUSPA, we welcome your input on the leading question: What are the needs and support actions missing by accelerators, incubators, and your startups?

If you cannot join the event, please provide us in any case with a written answer to the above question. For more info please refer to Raffaele Buompane via Raffaele.buompane@ebn.eu.





*Kindly note that registration for the workshops does not include access to the 2023 EBN Congress (Brno) on 14-15 June. For more information and tickets for #EBN2023 see here.


The sessions are hosted in Brno’s Creative Hub KUMST and Open Gardens, both at 9 min walking distance from Hotel International.



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