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Technical Assistance Facility for Industrial Modernisation and Investment (TAF)

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The conference will provide participants the opportunity to learn and exchange about the process of developing and financing interregional investment projects, based on the lessons learnt and good practices from the S3P-Industry community’s experience with TAF advisory services which has been providing tailored advisory services to project promoters over the last 3 years.

During the conference, some of the key steps and must-dos in the process of investment idea generation & business plan development will be presented and discussed through the testimonials of TAF beneficiaries and TAF business and legal experts.

In addition, the conference will host a panel discussion focused on the Smart Specialisation Platform’s approach to interregional investment project development and financing, during which we will reflect on the characteristics of the projects in the S3P community and the implications of the S3P experience for future EU support mechanisms.

The conference is aimed at European stakeholders coming from public authorities, national promotional banks, industry, RTOs, clusters and/or other business entities. S3 Partnerships coordinators are strongly encouraged to attend and disseminate information about this event among their networks. You can read the agenda under this link.

Register here by 17 November CET!

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