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Beaz is a public company of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia which aims to support enterprises and entrepreneurs in their efforts to create new projects, innovate and internationalise. A goal that lines up with the Provincial Department of Economic and Territorial Development, on which we directly depend: to contribute to the growth of economic activity and the creation of qualified jobs.

To that end, we participate in the definition and management of aid programmes granted by the Department to support an entrepreneurial path whose starting point is the creation of new companies, and its consolidation the final objective. In this process, we manage various aids that support the implementation of innovative enterprises, the development of projects with high added value, technological or not, as well as innovation, internationalisation and investment.

Likewise, we promote through partnerships with other organisations and networks of incubators, intra-entrepreneurship, acceleration, mentoring or inter-company collaboration, without forgetting the information and dissemination services.

Created in 1987, we have 30 years of daily contact with SMEs and entrepreneurs throughout the province of Bizkaia. A background that nourishes us and that we try to be useful to everyone.

The Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia have jointly launched the BIC Bizkaia, an ambitious project that aims to promote and accelerate the processes of business creation and innovation in Bizkaia, to generate economic activity and employment in the territory.

BiC Bizkaia aims to be a centre of national and international reference for innovation, growth and development of initiatives in the field of bio, micro and nanotechnology as well as advanced manufacturing and clean technologies, a reference for the creation of startups, innovation projects, and growth of the located enterprises. In this context, the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia have entrusted the management of BIC Bizkaia to BEAZ. Management is carried out in coordination with the Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia , the SPRI, and the two mentioned institutions.
Avda Sabino Arana, 8, Bilbao, Spain
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