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Città della Scienza offers space and specialized services to support the creation and development of innovative companies. The BIC works on the entire life cycle of startups from the development of ideas till to the market.

The BIC, member of the European EBN - Innovation Network, operates in strategic productive sectors of  Campania, promoting a cluster approach, in which each company settled develops specific expertise in a particular segment of the industry.

In a space of about 4,000 square metres, entirely dedicated to innovative companies, the BIC hosts:

Smart Lab

A preincubation area dedicated to creative talents and business ideas with the support of tutors.


Dedicated to startups, recognized by the community trade mark EC-BIC, member of the Italian network BIC Italia Net. The incubator offer 35 spaces from 50 to 150 square metres.

Knowledge based Business Area

Dedicated to the most advanced companies and research centers, with development projects in synergy with the Incubator and more generally with the system of Città della Scienza.


Dedicated to those who need a workstation in a shared space, to be used with maximum flexibility.

Fab Lab Reserch Centre

Workshop / Laboratory design and digital fabrication, which is engaged in the research, development, higher education, education makers technologies and methodologies , both to design and implement innovative exhibits for the museum, and to develop new products and services for business creation and innovation of production processes.
Via Coroglio, 104, Napoli, Italy
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