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CSIL is an independent research and consulting company specialising in applied economic research with specific expertise in SME competitiveness and market analysis, industrial and innovation policies, and regional development. Our knowledge crosses many industries worldwide, including space, construction, wood, furniture, textile and leather, fashion and design, lighting, domestic appliances, etc. CSIL’s mission is to provide tailor-made solutions to private and public clients for effective strategic decision-making, relying on sound analytical capacity and ensuring a global and independent perspective.

Our services include:

Tailored analysis to accelerate industrial modernisation in traditional sectors and to boost entrepreneurship in emerging industries with fast-growth potential;
Support for the design of future EU industrial strategies, cluster policies and SMEs-related initiatives;
In-depth analysis of industrial and technological patterns, their value chains, and geographical dimensions;
Quantitative and qualitative analysis on the socio-economic, innovation, and competitiveness performance of industrial sectors and ecosystems;
Research and outlook on megatrends impacting on product development, market changes, and industrial transformation;
Sound estimates of consumption, production, export and import forecasts for specific industries, industrial products, and geographical areas, thanks to our in-house forecast model.

CSIL’s research activity is supported by rich databases of historical data on companies, regions, and countries. We gather data from a variety of external sources of information, as well as from proprietary market research data collected through field research.
15 Corso Monforte, Milano, Italy
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