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EUIPO - European Union Intellectual Property Office

The EUIPO is the European agency responsible for managing the EU trademark and the registered Community design, which are valid in all EU Member States.

As part of the EUIPO’s Strategic Plan 2025, the SME Programme, under the Ideas Powered for Business brand, aims to support and empower SMEs in their business journey.

The EUIPO and the EBN are committed to fostering a change in SMEs’ attitudes towards intellectual property (IP). Aside from financing, SMEs need support in the form of direct coaching and mentoring services to understand how to protect their innovation through IP (i.e. patents, designs, trade secrets, etc.). A key objective of the collaboration will be to offer support to SMEs by providing tools and know-how through training models, joint webinars and events.

By collaborating with the EBN, the EUIPO is expanding its collaborative network in order to reach out to SMEs and upskill them by promoting a better understanding of the importance and benefits of IP.
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