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EUPIC - EU Project Innovation Centre

EUPIC is a non-governmental organisation set up to facilitate business and technology cooperation between EU countries and China. Our role is to give a range of assistance to bth European and Chinesse companies who want to establish themselves in China and Europe respectively.

1. Helping European companies to do business in China
We help companies te set themsleves up in the Chinese market in many ways. By identifying suitable business partners, industrialising research results and offering assistance in technological innovation and technology transfer, we help bridge the gap between east and west effectively.

2. Helping Chinese companies to do business in Europe
We also help Chinese SMEs to internationalise their business operations to get into the European market. This includes help with securing financial support and investment as well as establishing partnerships with EU firms. Our aim is to help Chinese firms to take full advantage of the new market environment created by WTO membership.

3. Helping all companies to innovate
Initially set up solely as an incubation project to help companies find their feet, EUPIC is now a champion of technology innovation and technoloyg transfer, focused on helping companies to develop their innovative ideas in the most effective way. Above all, we are helping all companies to make the most of the China-Europe business opportunity.

6F, West Building, La De Fang Si, , Chengdu, China
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