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Innovation Centre of the Ústí Region

In 2015, the Innovation Centre of the Ústí Region (ICUK) was founded by the Ústí Region Office, the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Jan Evangelista Purkyně University.
ICUK is a respected teammate in the transformation of the Ústí Region into a place where citizens, students and entrepreneurs would like to stay, where they would return and where talented people with the desire to participate in this change would also actively come. We have been one of the carriers of the vision of a functional innovation ecosystem in the region and a persistent fighter for its creation.
We are a responsible partner to our founders in the preparation and implementation of strategic priorities for the development of entrepreneurship and the knowledge economy. With insight and an open mind, we take inspiration from the best at home and abroad, share our ideas and experience with other partners in the region and together with them create and implement new solutions that support entrepreneurship, business and cooperation of active people in our region.

ICUK SERVICES #We help smart companies grow
For those, who want to start a business:
• STARTUP GO! BUSINESS INCUBATOR - A programme for starting entrepreneurs. We transform an idea into a company.
• ÚSTÍ REGION #COWORKS - A platform for support of coworking centre network in the Ústí Region.
For those, who want to innovate the company:
• ICUK Platinn - A programme aimed at growing the business and innovation potential of small and medium-sized enterprises.
• Digital Innovation Hub - A centre for support, popularization and implementation of digitalization, automation and robotization in companies.
For those, who want a consultation:
• Business help and experts – if having an idea for a business, finances, customers or want feedback from experienced entrepreneurs.
• RE-SEARCH - A database of research organisations in the region; helps with finding a partner for your innovation.
For those, who want to rent a space
• Spaces for events and offices
ICUK Projects and topics #We are searching new opportunities for our region
• Digitalisation in industry: ICUK Digital Innovation Hub, DIGIT-ME, GREENE 4.0 and EDIH ČVUT
• Cultural and creative industries:, European Creative Business Network, New European Bauhaus and Film Office of the Ústí Region
• Sustainable mobility: Autonomous systems in transport, Electromobility
• Nanotechnology and green chemistry
• New energy and resources
• Innovation in health and scoial services: Reference Site Collaborative Network
• Education
• Smart public administration: PORTABO, Smart countryside, Ústí to 5G and Terezín – Revitalization of historical settlements

We have prepared a marketing strategy for the Ústí Region in entrepreneurship, innovation and science and research We created the brand and logo of the Ústí Region #New start
We are building the innovation environment of the Ústí Region and we are striving for its development through independent projects that will bring new economic opportunities, better conditions, or new tools and services for the region's inhabitants.
Under the brand Ústí Region #New start we promote good practice, achievements of individuals, companies and research organizations in the Ústí Region:
#It's the energy of talented people
#It's the chemistry of the region that will attract you
#It's an opportuntity to start again

Velká Hradební 2800/54, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic
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