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The Intellexi Ltd. is a Hungarian SME owned by an individual person 100%, Mónika Alíz Mészáros. The company was set up in the beginning of 2014 and specializes in the support of universities, SME’s, research institutes, and business development organizations in the internationalization of their activities as well as the development and implementation of funded EU and other projects.

The focus lies on major EU projects and international cooperation (including initiatives in women entrepreneurs, bio economy, business development and technology transfer).

The Intellexi Ltd. assists partners in designing and implementing their project strategies and concepts, performs profound analyses, such as policy and program analysis, stakeholder analysis, needs analysis and risk analysis, supports the development of project proposals and, after having been selected for funding, the implementation of their projects including the dissemination tasks and monitoring.

The Intellexi Ltd. provides a whole range of services for clients regarding the consultation on projects financed by international (mainly EU) funds:

During the preparation of the project:

choosing the tender that is most suitable for the aims and content of the project
tailoring the project to be in line with the expectations of the proposal
pre-filtering the participants of the project (consortium leader and partners) based on their expertise and financials, preparing a conformity evaluation accordingly
providing information on previously funded projects that are similar to the proposed one
providing information on other, potentially similar projects from various funding sources (i.e.: deadlines, support intensity rate, chances of winning)

During consortium building:

identifying the most suitable international and domestic partners (in various industries) for the implementation of the projects, introduction of potential partners, financial and professional pre-qualifications
professional and administrative support during the establishment of the consortium, preparing the framework for cooperation

During the preparation of projects:

filling out the required forms (i.e.: application form) in cooperation with the applicant
compiling and reviewing all the administrative Appendices
keeping contact with the tendering authorities
providing support in connection with rectification if necessary

After successfully winning a tender:

complex project management including monitoring
assisting with on-the-spot checks
coordinating dissemination work package upon request

The owner and managing director of Intellexi Ltd., Mónika Alíz Mészáros, holds 16 years of experience in various European and international funding programs, including the European Research Framework Program, H2020, COSME, CIP among others.

She finished the university specialized in international relations and completed that with studies in Finland and Japan. She is a business development expert since 16 years, handled various international projects in the last 16 years such as SEE, CE, COSME Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, EIC, Climate KIC, CIP Eco Innovation, and Specific Action for the Enterprise Europe Network.

Mónika has been involved in international project work worth 20 million EUR so far.

Mónika has a complex job track as she was working for state agencies and a private company before starting her own company. She was working as the head of the Enterprise Europe Network at the ITD Hungary, later at the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA) which was the consortium leader of the only Hungarian Enterprise Europe Network consortium between 2008-2014.

Mónika was working for the Tenderauditor Ltd. which is the associated member of the EBN family since 2014.

Mónika is the official and contracted evaluator for the Horizon 2020 SME instrument calls since the beginning of 2015 and for the Central European projects.

The Intellexi Ltd. has established trustworthy work and project partnerships with the following partners:

BEA – Budapest Enterprise Agency

UHW – Union of Hungarian Women Association

WE – Women in Economy Association

TRADEHOUSE – Hungarian National Trading House Plc.

Kapás u. 48-50. 3/5, Budapest, Hungary
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