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The JIC (South Moravian Innovation Centre) supports innovative entrepreneurship, conditions for a competitive business environment and the creation of skilled jobs in South Moravia.

For over 15 years, JIC has been fostering a nurturing environment for innovative business in South Moravia and empowering people in creating and growing companies that change the world. JIC provides entrepreneurs with services – from the initial idea, through start-up, up to a fully developed business.

JIC‘s activities contribute to improving the competitiveness of South Moravian businesses that offer qualified and stable job opportunities in the region then.

The Centre offers services in the following categories:
JIC ENTER is a programme intended for all those who want to verify if their commercial idea has potential for bringing a company to life. It also supports kick-starting the company. JIC offers the programme participants help with developing entrepreneurial skills via seminars, workshops, consultation or mentoring sessions. Entrepreneurs get both theoretical skills for starting a successful business, support and strong motivation, and a great deal of advice from experts from the practical business environment.The JIC ENTER program is intended for Czech projects and the entrance condition is an innovative idea and its viability.

JIC MASTER is an intensive six-month programme aimed at the acceleration and growth of a company. For the selected companies it may help to find the weak spots in their development, and, with the help of experts, it will design a strategy to rapidly gain a market share. The company will receive from JIC consultation with experts, contacts, access to financing and a quality background.The JIC MASTER programme can be entered by Czech technological companies in existence for less than three years and with a turnover up to 10 million Czech crowns and the ambition to become a market leader.

JIC PLATINN allows companies to identify, on the basis of a tried Swiss methodology, new opportunities. With the help of a chosen-to-measure expert, according to the needs of the company, activities are defined and implemented which support the growth of a company. JIC PLATINN involves consultancy services in the areas of strategic management, business development of the company, optimization of internal processes, formulating a research project, searching for technological partners and selection of suitable grant opportunities.The programme is suitable for small and medium-sized technological companies from the region of Southern Moravia with more than 10 employees and older than three years.

JIC VENTURES is a financial support to clients and alumni of JIC programmes, even in the early development stages.
The Centre runs three incubators in Brno. The JIC INTECH technology incubator, intended mostly for companies from the ICT industry, is located near Vrch Palackého (“Palacky Hill”) in Brno. The immediate proximity of Brno University of Technology allows an effective transfer of the latest scientific knowledge useful for businesses. JIC INTECH also offers representative premises in a good neighbourhood. Forty companies in total are based in the JIC INTECH incubator, most of them from the ICT industry, with some others specialising in engineering, construction or medical materials.

JIC also manages the biotechnology incubator JIC INBIT which is based on the Masaryk University campus in the Bohunice district, Brno. JIC INBIT offers business space and supporting services for about 20 starting biotechnology companies.

In 2014, JIC opened a third incubator, called JIC INMEC, which will focus on advanced materials and technologies.

In fifteen years since its establishment, the Centre has supported more than 250 technology companies and currently it takes care of more than 60 hi-tech companies with 300 employees.

JIC is a holder of the prestigious EU|BIC accreditation, which is granted by the European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) on behalf of the European Commission.

JIC is a member of the following international networks: European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN), Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and The European Associations of Development (EURADA).
Purkynova 649/127, Brno, Czech Republic
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