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LAZIO INNOVA is the regional development agency, located in Lazio Region (Capital region in Italy), in charge of enhancing the economic growth at regional level. Through a set of integrated services, tailored tools and financial opportunities  LAZIO INNOVA aims at the entrepreneurial promotion as well as business  creation in order to boost  the regional ecosystem growth (companies, startups, local institutions, research organizations, universities, business associations as well as citizens). LAZIO INNOVA  provides: 

financial support to SMEs (co-financing of investments, financial Instrument & risk capital tools);
technical assistance to the Region in the designing and implementation of policies and schemes;
promotion and management of internationalization programmes;
support to the main technology clusters, promoting networking and cooperation among companies, universities & research institutions;
promotion of Open Innovation projects and support  to local startup ecosystem
networking activities, collaborative partnerships and participation to European projects
Enterprise Europe Network advanced services  and advisory support for helping ambitious business innovate and grow internationally

Lazio Innova is also part of  ESA's Business Incubation Centres
Via Casilina 3t, Rome, Italy
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