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Moravian Silesian Innovation Centre (MSIC) Ostrava

MSIC (Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre) is a regional innovation centre in the Czech Republic. It was established in July 2017. It has 5 shareholders – Moravian-Silesian Region, Statutory City of Ostrava, Technical University Ostrava, Ostrava University and Silesian University. It plays 3 key roles in the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Ecosystem:
- coordination of Regional Innovation Strategy and implementation of its relevant programmes, projects and activities;
- implementation of individual business support services to start-ups and SMEs;
- administration and development of the Technology Park.

MSIC aims at cultivating the mindset of people living in the Moravian-Silesian region to become more entrepreneurial in all meanings of this word (more risk-taking approach, openness to innovations, changes and new trends etc.). Simultaneously, MSIC is the front-runner in spreading new ideas including the ones related to digitization of businesses and business processes, to involving new technological and educational trends in high schools and universities programmes.

Since July 2017 it has succeeded in developing a wide range of services to support entrepreneurship from early stage start-ups through seed stage start-ups to mature SMEs. The current portfolio of clients consists of approximately 270 companies (70 out of them rent offices and/or laboratories in one of four premises MSIC Ostrava is running). MSIC has at its disposal around 130 experts who can help companies with “change projects”. Apart from SMEs, MSIC also develops cooperation and relationship with large companies, investors and other stakeholders.

MSIC is considered nationally as a leading innovation agency with a strong track record in supporting business innovation. Its representatives are actively involved also in the design of national innovation policies. MSIC has among its strategic priorities development of policy instruments aiming at progress of conscious entrepreneurship and raising awareness of business opportunities linked with Industry 4.0. MSIC is a partner to a formal platform of Czech innovation centres PLATINN.CZ which unites six regional innovation agencies that support innovation in SMEs and facilitate access to investors and corporations.
Technologicka 372/2, Ostrava-Pustkovec, Czech Republic
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