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Stredoceske Inovacni Centrum (Central Bohemian Innovation Centre)

Central Bohemian Innovation Center (CBIC) is an open and customer-oriented innovation agency that is a leader in supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in the Central Bohemia region.

By different types of services, it supports entrepreneurs to fulfil their ambitions and their companies' growth potential through innovation, thereby helping to create high added value in the region.

It develops the regional innovation ecosystem and creates new collaborations between relevant entities. CBIC helps to connect technologies and ideas from the research sphere with entrepreneurs in order to bring cutting-edge innovations and solutions to societal challenges.

CBIC's mission is to help companies create new products, services and values for people. CBIC is here to ensure the innovators feel supported and are not alone in their journey.
3367 Strakonick√° , Praha 5, Czech Republic
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