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Introducing Wacano - Where Innovation Meets Opportunity

Wacano is not your average incubator; it's a dynamic force that fuels the entrepreneurial spirit across the Île-de-France region and Auxerre. As a subsidiary of the Regional Chamber of Commerce Île-de-France, Wacano stands at the forefront of nurturing innovation and fostering the growth of startups. With an impressive portfolio of 15 business incubators strategically scattered across the landscape, Wacano is the driving force behind the success of over 350 startups every year.

What sets Wacano apart is its unwavering commitment to providing startups with tailor-made, individualized support. Through personalized mentoring, hands-on workshops led by seasoned entrepreneurship experts, and thematic accelerators covering everything from fundraising strategies to digital transformation and international expansion, Wacano empowers startups to reach their full potential.

In its 15 carefully curated locations, Wacano offers flexible spaces that adapt to the unique needs of each startup. From vibrant co-working spaces that foster collaboration to offices ranging from 8 to 300 square meters for those seeking a private sanctuary, and even spaces dedicated to storage, laboratories, and industrial facilities for startups with more specialized requirements - Wacano has it all.

But that's not all. Wacano is not content with the status quo; it's constantly evolving. As part of its ambitious expansion plans, Wacano is gearing up to build bridges to the international arena. With a vision to connect startups to global opportunities and markets, Wacano is committed to shaping the future of entrepreneurship, not just in France but around the world.

if you're an incubator looking to expand your horizons and collaborate with a powerhouse of innovation, Wacano is the partner you've been searching for. Our commitment to nurturing startups, our dynamic ecosystem of support, and our ambitious international outlook make us the ideal collaborator for any forward-thinking incubator.

By joining forces with Wacano, you can tap into the vibrant entrepreneurial landscape of Île-de-France and Auxerre, gain access to a diverse pool of startups, and be a part of our mission to shape the future of innovation. Together, we can create opportunities, foster growth, and build bridges to new markets, creating a global network of entrepreneurial excellence.

Don't miss out this exciting opportunity to be a part of something bigger. Reach out to Wacano today, and let's embark on a journey of collaboration, innovation, and international success. Together, we can write the next chapter in the story of entrepreneurship.

Contact us now and let's get started!
14 rue Soleillet, Paris, France
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