Ongoing project
This project started on Feb 01, 2021 to end on Dec 01, 2023.
The AEDIB|NET is the first step of a broader approach for the African – European collaboration on digitalisation and innovation, which originated from a joint initiative of the European Commission (EC), France (Agence France Development) and Germany (German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) to the EC’s Digital 4 Development process (D4D).

AEDIB|NET is a Horizon 2020 project that has the objective to strengthen a common African European digital innovation ecosystem by supporting local digital innovation and start-up ecosystems in Africa and facilitating the collaboration between European and African Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs). AEDIB|NET aims to build on the experience of the EU DIHs and adapt the approach to the African context to facilitate synergies and collaboration potential. This includes developing and strengthening key infrastructure such as a Pan – African network of DIHs, as well as building strategic cooperation mechanisms and facilitating bridging activities on technical capacity building and technology transfer between African and European innovators and start-ups, private sector actors, academia, local governments, and investors. In addition, AEDIB|NET will foster the development of an enabling environment that is reinforced by conducive local policies.