Ongoing project
This project started on Jun 01, 2018 to end on Nov 30, 2023.
The CLEVER Cities project uses nature-based solutions1 to address urban challenges and promote social inclusion in 10 cities across Europe, South America and China (Milan, Hamburg, London, Belgrade, Larissa, Madrid, Malmö, Sfantu Gheorghe, Quito, Xi’an). The main goal of the project is to regenerate deprived city districts with nature-based solutions. The cities will bring in residents and businesses to collaboratively decide, design and build so-called nature-based solutions in key districts affected by issues like high crime rates, social inequality, unemployment and child poverty. Therefore, CLEVER Cities intends to position NBS as a mean to improving public health, social cohesion, citizen security and increasing economic opportunities in those areas.

The project consists of the four main phases/elements:

1. CLEVER Cities packages.

2. Replication.

3. Implementation - CLEVER Action Labs.

4. Sharing and learning.