Cluster 2020

This project started on Jan 01, 2012 to end on Dec 31, 2014.
Cluster 2020 is one of 9 projects from 13 countries that are part of European Creative Industries Alliance, ECIA, helping deliver smart, sustainable, growth through practical trials and tests around finance, voucher schemes, clustering and collaboration.

Our findings, along with the other projects, feed into the overall findings of the ECIA,which is tasked to develop a Europe-wide blueprint for next-generation policies. Cluster 2020 are addressing next-generation business support and clustering for support organisations alongside policymakers. Along the way we’re helping a number of SMEs,who are forming our test-bed for new ideas.

The aim of Cluster 2020 is to trial a range of practical ideas that will help cluster managers offer a truly ’next generation’ range of services to help their members grow and succeed. Findings from this cluster project and the other ECIA ‘concrete actions’ (around access to finance, voucher schemes, cross-innovation and  collaboration) will form a new blueprint for how to run creative and digital clusters, highlighting their particular needs and how they differ from often well established clusters in other sectors.