Archived project
This project started on Mar 31, 2014 to end on May 30, 2013.
DigiBIC is a network of European leaders in research, innovation support, industry and finance working together to deploy the latest technology and tools to creative industries

In its initial phase, the DigiBIC project focused on results from 12 European funded  projects in Digital Libraries and Content whose results have beenprioritised as of high interest and potential for deployment to digital and CI's. Within 18 months over 40 deals for these technologies had been closed. TodayDigiBIC provides the ideal platform for the deployment of technologies emerging from all research initiatives in ICT- based cultural and memory preservation services from across Europe.   

Short and midterm objectives of DigiBIC:

Following its initial focus on the successful deployment from the 12 previously identified projects (3D-COFORM, CINeSPACE, EPOCH, iTACITUS, EASAIER, MEMORIES, MultiMATCH, PAPYRUS, Treble-CLEF, PRESTOSPACE, PRESTOPRIME andLIWA) to industry, DigiBIC now involves other research initiatives in ICT- based cultural and memory preservation services from across Europe. Partnering these research leaders, is a network of partners and associate partners from across Europe who are specialised in assisting start up companies and SMEs to exploit new technologies and market opportunities originating in research environments.

The DigiBIC partners, along with additional IPR, finance and innovation specialists, bring with them not only extensive experience of the technology exploitation process but access to networks of creative industry players and in particularSMEs operating at regional and national level. Through DigiBIC, further national and regional partners and members of the DigiBIC network will be trained up on the potential of the technological applications resulting from the DigiBICtechnology portfolio and hands on technical support will be provided to assist in actual exploitation to companies.

Details of the technologies and related training material are available online in the DigiBIC technology catalogue. Researchers and SMEs from all over Europe can upload details of their technologies or services on the DigiBIC online platform and hence use it as a route to market for promoting their applications throughout Europe.

Long term objective of DigiBIC:

In the long run the objective of DigiBIC is to create a sustainable European showcase for the creative industry sector providing practical tools and support to access European expertise in technology, services, innovation and financing.