This project started on Dec 01, 2012 to end on Dec 01, 2016.


Describe indicators for successful (and unsuccessful) partnerships in improving resilience, and identify processes for fostering novel MSPs;

Provide methods and guidelines for a harmonised scheme for risk assessment and scenarios through an inventory of existing risk information, and by developing new methods and scenarios for (low-) probability risk assessment in collaboration with MSPs;

Describe and test through case studies which concepts of economic instruments, including insurance and risk management policies, work for MSPs;

Provide guidelines and policy recommendations for the horizontal integration of risk management and climate-proofing in policies.


The promotion of participatory processes for designing new MSPs is at the heart of the ENHANCE methodology.

The project is designed around a work package of 10 selected participatory case studies on risk reduction of catastrophic events taking place at different geographical and spatial scales in Europe. The potential for new MSPs will be explored and resilience measures and policies will be tested and disseminated.