Archived project
This project started on Jan 01, 2017 to end on Dec 31, 2019.
ESIL will establish an EU Framework for capacity building for early-stage investors in Europe, facilitating the take up of Angel Investing, overcoming obstacles related to market outreach and engaging key actors e.g. entrepreneurs, unconventional early stage investors and crowdfunding.

To maximise impact ESIL will deliver dedicated actions, tools and mobilise expertise for every investor at any given stage of his/her experience, from awareness to actual investment to "bring on board” local and international investment capacities.

ESIL will use state of the art on line material and best in class technology platform, but at the same time will engage top Business Angels in intimate events with local champions boosting the process in an informal, peer2peer fashion especially in countries with a younger Angel market.

ESIL will target different communities and typology of stakeholders (for profit and not for profit, conventional and unconventional, etc.) - thanks to the nature of the consortium partners - and will promotes cross-fertilization, mutual understanding and open up opportunities for further cooperation and take up.