Archived project
This project started on Sep 01, 2013 to end on Sep 01, 2016.
ETRERA_2020 is a project aimed at faces the future energy needs in the Euro –Mediterranean area by reinforcing & creating a collaborative research/innovation network for supporting renewable energy sources (RES) technologies development and application.

ETRERA 2020 will address its efforts on secure, clean and efficient energy societal challenge with a focus on the following technologies:



solar thermal

hydrogen and fuel cells

grid connection

ETRERA_2020 is a project funded in the framework of the 7FP – international cooperation – R2I-ENP.

R2I-ENP call has a double aim:

reinforcing cooperation whit ENP Countries

bridging the gap between research and innovation

The ETRERA_2020 project objectives, to be reached by the end of the project, are:

Improve human resources & know how of MPC centers.

Increase the networking opportunity among the main actors of the RES value chain

Increase of public – private partnership

Increase the accessibility to research facilities

Increase the project/partners visibility in order to attract potential research/industry partners

The project main outputs are:

the catalogue of competence of the 8 Research centres: research capacity, equipments, testing facilities, etc

a common R&DI strategy/roadmap with policy recommendations and a financial plan

some tutorial/publication on market and risk assessment, finance opportunities, etc

the setting up of a Meta-cluster

a Public-Private Partnership in RES technologies

the exchange of best practices and mobility activities from Research to Enterprise

technological/R&DI and business services

the organisation of international brokerage events R2B

the organisation of an international scientific conference

Project partners are research centres, intermediary and technology transfer organizations and business incubators:

Research centres

Institute of Advanced Tecnologies for Energy “Nicola Giordano” of CNR, Italy

Polytech Nantes, France.

Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving, Greece

Yildiz Technical University; Turkey

The Scientific and technological Research Council of Turkey, Turkey

The Centre of Research for Energy Technologies, Tunisia

Al Najah University – Energy Research Centre, Palestine

Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco

Intermediary organization providing innovation support services & technoloy transfer

Innova BIC, Italy

European Renewable Energy Centres Agency, Belgium

Business community & Entities managing industrial cluster and science park & incubator

Madrid Network - The Network of Clusters and Technological Parks, Spain

European Business & Innovation Centre Network – EBN