EU LAC Digital Accelerator

Ongoing project
This project started on Jan 01, 2023 to end on Dec 31, 2027.
The EU LAC Digital Accelerator is a project funded by the DG for International Partnerships of the European Commission (DG INTPA of the EC), aimed at strengthening partnership links between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) for Innovation and Digital Transformation.

More specifically, the project will connect corporates from LAC and Europe, with the capabilities of innovative start-ups and SMEs in Europe and LAC.

To do this, the project will:

1. Identify high potential opportunity areas for digital business in Latin America and the Caribbean.

2. Detect corporates in LAC and in Europe interested in defining challenges in those areas to be solved in collaboration with start-ups and SMEs through open innovation.

3. Disseminate those challenges with the help of a network of business incubators and accelerators in Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean, among start-ups and SMEs interested in working in providing solutions.

4. Matching corporates and start-ups, for them to work together in solving the digitalisation challenges and needs of the company, always combining one organisation from Europe and one from Latin America and the Caribbean: one corporate from LAC will work together with a start-up from Europe, or one corporate from Europe will work with a start-up from LAC.

5. Supporting the pairs, the collaboration corporate-start-up, with a series of acceleration services.

EBN will work on this project in the main types of activities:

- Identify business incubators and accelerators in Latin America to create a network of business support organisations, that could involve their start-ups in the opportunities to work with corporates within the project.

- Identify corporates and start-ups through EBN members in Europe, that would like to be involved in the project, being it either by defining challenges (the corporates), or by collaborating with the corporates from LAC to solve those digitalisation needs (the start-ups).

- With EBN members providing acceleration services to the pairs corporate-start-up to speed up the digitalisation process and consolidate the partnerships between the organisation from LAC and that from Europe.

The project, that will last for five years, is led by the Spanish research organisation TECNALIA and the partnership includes, in addition to EBN, IESE Business School, WAYRA, Expertise France, EBAN, Caribbean Export and the IDB Lab.

People associated with the project

Ruben Carrandi
Senior Project Leader