Ongoing project
This project started on Mar 14, 2021 to end on Mar 14, 2024.
EBN is the lead partner of the consortium composed by SPI and PROMOS Italia implementing the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global programme.

EYE Global is an exchange programme financed by the European Union to facilitate business exchanges between European new entrepreneurs and experienced host entrepreneurs in three target countries, namely Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

New entrepreneurs (NE) from EU countries will benefit from an experience in a small or medium-sized enterprise in a country outside of Europe. This will ease the successful start of their business or strengthen their new enterprise. The programme enables host entrepreneur (HE) to benefit from fresh ideas from a motivated new entrepreneur, access specialised skills or knowledge, take advantage from access to new markets, international cooperation and potential possibilities for collaboration with business partners abroad.

The exchange between the two entrepreneurs, which can last between 1-3 months, is a win-win collaboration whereby both of entrepreneurs can also discover new markets or business partners, as well as different ways of doing business.