Archived project
This project started on May 02, 2014 to end on May 02, 2016.

FETRIC aims to strengthen the bilateral cooperation between the EU and Tunisia, by enhancing synergies between S&T EU and Tunisian actors, projects, and programmes. FETRIC will tackle the Horizon 2020 societal challenges through a challenge-based approach in order to examine and answer societal problems in both Tunisia and the EU, especially in these fields:

scarcity of resources

energy with a focus on renewable energy and energy saving

and high quality affordable food


Paving the ground for the future STI Cooperation Agreement between Tunisia and the EU and building synergies among existing S&T projects and programs between EU and MPC

Tackling the Horizon 2020 societal challenges: bringing together resources and knowledge across different fields and innovation chain

Creating a national ‘Liaison Office for the promotion and coordination of EU-Tunisian S&T cooperation’

Supporting Tunisian participations in Horizon 2020 by reinforcing the existing networks of multipliers (national, thematic, institutional and focal contact points) and innovation actors

Showcasing Tunisian resources, main laboratories, applied technologies, RDI performers and innovation chain success stories

Reaching relevant public authorities, funding bodies, researchers, research managers, innovation-oriented SMEs and industry, other relevant EU organizations and the public at large.


FETRIC includes a variety of activities. In particular, the project will:


An annual country report on ST&I cooperation progress and impacts

A benchmark on national STI policies and strategies, Mediterranean governance reforms and cooperation

An in-depth analysis of:

othe STI system of Tunisia

oinnovation chain processes to tackle societal challenges

Policy recommendations

Roadmap for addressing societal challenges

Set up and reinforce

The FETRIC Liaison Office

The network of multipliers

The network of RTD&I actors


Infodays spreading relevant information on the next “Horizon 2020” and calls for proposals

Roundtables and working groups focused on research and innovation issues in order to identify successful model for supporting innovation and copying with the main societal challenges.

Brokerage events for matching the main actors of the innovation chain


FETRIC will have direct and indirect positive impacts on the cooperation between EU and Tunisia. FETRIC is expected to impact directly by:

identifying the strategic societal challenges, on which to address future RTDI activities of Tunisian and EU actors

setting up the FETRIC Liaison Office as a stable organization to support the Tunisian participation in Horizon 2020

paving an innovation-friendly environment in Tunisia so as to make the Tunisian triple helix actors the driver of innovation

FETRIC is expected to impact indirectly by:

bridging the scientific gap between Tunisia and the EU

increasingly substantial investments to Tunisian young entrepreneurs and researchers

strengthening Tunisian researchers and innovative entrepreneurs capacities

contributing to the enlargement of European Research Area towards Mediterranean Partner Countries for mutual benefits and advancement