Archived project
This project started on Feb 01, 2016 to end on Jan 31, 2019.
INCOBRA is a 36-month Coordination and Support Action aiming to increase, enhance and focus Research and Innovation (R&I) cooperation between BR and EU.

The INCOBRA consortium comprises 13 partners (7 from EU and 6 from BR), including Universities, Research Organizations, International Organizations, Technology Parks, Private Companies and Funding Agencies.

The project is expected to contribute to: (i) increased cooperation patterns – by supporting cooperation networks among BR and EU R&I actors; (ii) enhanced framework conditions – by fostering coordination and alignment of R&I funding in BR and EU; (iii) more focused BR-EU R&I cooperation – by identifying emerging topics and opportunities in priority R&I areas for cooperation.

Capacity building, sustainability will also be fully addressed by INCOBRA.  

INCOBRA also assumes innovation (holistic concept) as a key driver for BR-EU STI cooperation and Strategic Foresight as a relevant tool to anticipate R&I trends of mutual interest for BR and EU R&I actors, while promoting mutual openness of BR and EU R&I funding programmes to encourage cooperation.  

Building upon a stakeholder-driven basis, INCOBRA aims at actively involve the members of the Stakeholder Group.  The Stakeholder Group will have as its core responsibilities and benefits: 

to provide inputs to relevant INCOBRA's deliverables;

to participate in key activities of  INCOBRA – such as the Strategic Foresight Workshop, the Brokerage Events, the Training Camps, the Strategic Scoping Workshops, the Focus Group, the Webinars, Info Days and Info Sessions;

to have priority access in certain INCOBRA activities and outputs, namely the Cooperation Networks and the Funding Agencies Platform;

to mobilize BR and EU R&I actors among their network of contacts to engage in INCOBRA activities;

to further engage with other BR and EU R&I actors, in order  to agree and undertake activities that would ensure the sustainability and continuity of INCOBRA outcomes beyond its lifetime.  

Furthermore, the EU-Brazil Bilateral R&I Cooperation Networks which will receive financial and technical support from the project are expected to involve members of the Stakeholder Group as participants.  

Learn more about INCOBRA activities and opportunities:

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