Archived project
This project started on Mar 31, 2012 to end on Apr 29, 2014.
InnoMatNet is a project funded under the NMP (Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies) theme of the European Union 7th Framework Programme, with the overall goal of promoting collaboration, knowledge transfer, and the creation of new alliances between materials researchers, designers in industry, and others involved in innovation. 

Materials are key to technological advances in many fields, and particularly important for the success of the Creative Industries. The materials industry has well established technological competences (technology push), whereas the creative industry is stronger in interpreting the context of using materials and the users’ needs (market pull). There is, however, a gap between the creative design of products that meet the needs of the market, and the research and development of new materials to be used in these products.

InnoMatNet intends to contribute to reducing this gap by:

- bringing together different types of stakeholders, from academia to industry, from materials to design, from consumers to investors

- disseminating existing tools and initiatives.

Through a flexible approach that establishes teams of innovators, InnoMatNet aims to advance the goal of an innovation society, providing support to help them bring new products and processes to market