Archived project
This project started on Sep 30, 2012 to end on Sep 29, 2014.
INTRASME is a FP7 funded project aiming at improving the capacity and capability of European SMEs to more rapidly develop and implement products and services in the low carbon transportation and smart mobility sectors.

Moving from the analysis of pathways and best conditions for innovation in the low carbon transportation and the smart mobility sectors, INTRASME addresses a central point of the European manufacturing capability offered by SMEs of different EU regions targeting the main goal of how to bring more efficiently and quicker innovative products and services to the market.

INTRASME focuses on the changing –and increasingly important- role that SMEs have on innovation mechanisms for the transport sector;  the emerging low carbon transport market will be used as the vehicle to examine the barriers to innovation and develop mechanisms to support the potential of SMEs in bringing innovations to the market quickly.

In particular, INTRASME project addresses the following selected cases from the transport sector as they are all areas which are rapidly growing and need high levels of innovation and offer great opportunities to SMEs because thy require new supply chain models:

Low Carbon Land Electric Vehicles

Light Aircraft

Water Electric vehicles

Smart Mobility

INTRASME  will run several workshops and roadshows and will develop an online platform: these activities and tools will contribute to the creation of Sectorial Innovation Networks across Europe.