Lebanon Innovate

This project started on Nov 30, 2022 to end on Apr 30, 2026.
Lebanon Innovate is a 42-month program funded by the European Union to revitalize the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem and the productive sectors. The program, based on an innovation roadmap, fosters innovation through supporting Intellectual Property (IP) and knowledge transfer allowing the country to become a knowledge-driven digital nation at the front end of innovation.

Throughout the three and a half years of the program, Berytech along with the program’s partners will be working towards the following milestones:

- Building the capacity of innovation stakeholders including academia and industries in Intellectual Property (IP), Technology Transfer (TT) and commercialization of research and IP-based innovations.

- Setup and grow technology transfer and grant offices through technical assistance grants.

- Developing and reinforcing knowledge management policies and practices in universities and research. 

- Designing and implementing new innovation programs.

- Providing a centralized virtual environment for stakeholders to interact, cooperate, innovate and access technology transfer technologies both locally and internationally. 

- Facilitating knowledge sharing and the creation of linkages between Lebanese stakeholders and their European counterparts through matchmaking, exchange missions, and soft-landing initiatives.

- Supporting researchers with Incubation and acceleration programs.

People associated with the project

Chiara Davalli