This project started on Nov 01, 2013 to end on Oct 31, 2015.
Learn Engage Create has a clear goal – to develop training for Creative Companies senior staff to increase their knowledge and skills regarding partnering with Higher Education Institutes (HEIs), as a step to further innovation and growth.

The overall aim is to fill a gap in VET provision by developing a valued training resource to be used both directly by Creative Companies and by mainstream SME support providers to improve their services to this growing sector.

Across Europe governments wish to “Unlock the potential of cultural and creative industries” given their positive impact on economic, cultural and social development. More specifically, policy focuses on promoting technical and “soft” innovation to help individual Creative Companies achieve their potential and become high growth SMEs. In practice though, Creative Companies are unlike other types of SMEs and face different barriers to innovation, including constant battles between creative value v commercial value.

Traditional business education has not often responded well to Creative Companies needs, but fortunately many universities are generating collaborative projects for Creative and Cultural Industry partners, sharing applied research, technology applications and clustering. Beginning in 2010, the SUPORT project developed resources to train SMEs to successfully collaborate and access innovation alongside HEIs. Learn Engage Create will adapt these resources specifically for Creative Company managers and employees.

The project is led by Northern Chamber of Commerce, representing over 1500 companies in West Pomerania and includes Prestige Brand, a successful Polish Creative Company, a French innovation expert, a UK specialist in elearning and digital marketing and the European BIC Network, reaching enterprise support providers all over Europe.

Project outcomes will be delivered via a dynamic website and multimedia DVD and include: User friendly, visual, interactive roadmaps to accessing innovation and research Classroom training course designed for use by business support providers Self-guided e-learning materials for SME owner managers and senior employees