Archived project
This project started on Nov 01, 2013 to end on Oct 30, 2015.
Learners, Teachers and Employers (LeTeEm) is an EU funded project that aims to encourage young European secondary school students to develop employability through creative thinking, curiosity and enquiry, critical thinking and communication with confidence and practicality by working on activities in partnership with businesses.

One of the most successful methodologies for developing a partnership with industry and promoting creativity, competitiveness, employability and the growth of an entrepreneurial spirit is the ‘Learning by Developing’ (LbD) methodology. It has been chosen by the project team as it directly addresses the problems of building close ties between education and the workplace and engendering creativity and innovation in both fields. The LbD methodology will be adapted by pedagogic and implementation aspects, and for use across Europe, by addressing cultural, legal and localisation issues. Training courses and webinars will be created for stakeholders in the process of adaptation: teachers, administrators, business and government. The training courses will be piloted across Europe, leading to wide-scale preparation of a final training course.  

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