Ongoing project
This project started on Jan 01, 2023 to end on Feb 28, 2027.
The objective of REINFORCING is to become the ORRI (Open and Responsible R&I) central point of knowledge and expertise, easily accessible, up-to-date and tailored to community needs. It will do so by reviewing and exploiting the richness of 10 years of ORRI-related initiatives, including the RRI Tools database. It will make this know-how available in the REINFORCING One-Stop

Source platform, together with new community-led resources, and pathways to support navigation through them. REINFORCING is committed to capitalize on EU-funded actions and the proven expertise of its partners in both the theory and the practice of ORRI implementation. REINFORCING will act as catalyzer of quadruple-helix community members, who will co-develop services, including policy recommendations; of ORRI-related initiatives (regional and EU), to support efficient cooperation and adaptation rather than replication; and of ORRI expertise through the creation of a European map of Ambassadors and Facilitators.

A key focus is on financial support of institutional and territorial changes towards Fair Transitions governance through cascading grants. REINFORCING will award 96 grants dedicated to boost institutions scaling up their ORRI experience, and to incubate newcomer territories experimenting with ORRI for the first time. Mentoring and matchmaking services and training modules are part of the REINFORCING wide offer. Reducing disparities is also a key focus of REINFORCING. Three key gaps (Balkan territories, Open Innovation and Mission projects) have already been identified and addressed through specific actions, while the overall project contribution to their reduction will be thoroughly assessed. The engagement of the Global ORRI Network will guarantee wide international cooperation. These efforts will result in a number of medium and long-term impacts, such as over 150 sustainable, individual institutional changes and mainstreaming of excellent, open and responsible R&I across the ERA.

People associated with the project

Maria José Marquès
Junior Project Manager