RESOURCE project

Ongoing project
This project started on Jul 01, 2022 to end on Jul 01, 2025.
Circularity is an essential aspect of the industry transformation towards resource efficiency, climate neutrality and long-term competitiveness.

The RESOURCE project will study the private funding opportunities needed in circular projects and facilitate those projects’ development by developing new PDA (Project Development Assistance) services.

More precisely RESOURCE will:

- build an integrated expertise pool to support technically, economically, and legally the regional circular economy pilots SMEs,

- develop innovative financing schemes and business models;

- facilitate concrete investments.

While choosing a circular economy as a priority, the Region of Aragon has identified a portfolio of circular pilot projects that need funding. Those pilots will serve as pilots in the RESOURCE project as bootstraps to ensure a solid and sustainable circular-friendly ecosystem in Aragon and ultimately ensure a high degree of replicability of the PDA and related services beyond the Aragon Region.

EBN will ensure that local circular economy projects have a wider perspective on how European peers deal with similar issues and learn from best practices which can inspire the adoption of new methodologies that can be replicated in the local context.

People associated with the project

Livia Marcantonio
Project Manager
Joanna Abi Abdallah
Project Manager