Archived project
This project started on Jun 01, 2012 to end on Nov 30, 2015.
Sea for Society (SFS) is a European Project funded by DG Research & Innovation under the Theme Science in Society. The project engages stakeholders, citizens and youth in an open and participatory dialogue to share knowledge, forge partnerships and empower actors on societal issues related to Ocean. In doing so, the project aims to develop and enrich the concept of "Blue Society", preparing at the same time mechanisms for cooperation

We are today at a crossroads, where we realize that our society model is close to reaching its limits. We gradually understand the finite aspects of our world and our Ocean in terms of space but also on the amount of natural and non-natural resources available. We need to scientifically know and understand the Ocean in order to use it and preserve it at the same time. It's possible!

EBN is Work Package Leader for the Mobilisation activities, watch this space!