Archived project
This project started on Sep 14, 2017 to end on Sep 30, 2020.
SmartEES will be the Digital Innovation Hub dedicated to Organic & Large Area Electronics (OLAE), an organised European innovation network that provides both access to competencies and business support for innovation adoption. SmartEEs will help the European industry to create a competitive advantage within the global economy by providing access to disruptive OLAE technologies and innovation support in a pragmatic, operative and efficient pan-European manner.

A One-Stop-Shop will be set to establish a collaborative environment and to provide wider access to the technology at the same time as coordinating the bespoke services and efficiently and effectively linking them together.

20 Application Experiments will be conducted to explore the technology transfer into business, organisation of cooperation, access to finance, services to be provided and act as showcases to raise awareness and activate potential users. The established eco-system will be harnessed by the consortium to propel the continuity of the initiative beyond SmartEEs. This will include the formulation of a comprehensive business plan as a strategic outcome.

This project began on September 14th 2017 and will last 3 years. It is under the lead of The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).


To increase awaress of and interest in the possibilities of TOLAE technologies within European industry, investors, governments and other importants stakeholders.

To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the European innovation ecosystem for TOLAE, including research organisations and application oriented companies, as well as supporting organisations, investors and governments.

To demonstrate actual business opportunities of TOLAE by taking on actual business developement of TOLAE-based innovations.

To identify and make operational approaches for boosting the use of TOLAE technologies by the European industry, involving the most important stakeholders in actual TOLAE based business developments.

To create an open network of partners that will consolidate the further awareness/interest creation, development of the ecosystem and demonstration of TOLAE and which will be sustained after the project.

SmartEEs will make: disruptive innovation accessible for European innovative companies in providing access to the state-of-the-art European research, equipment and infrastructures in a process adapted to their internal organisation and capacities while reducing market risks and increasing investment readiness level.

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