Ongoing project
This project started on Jan 01, 2019 to end on Aug 31, 2022.
TEESMAT project brings a comprehensive response to critical bottlenecks faced by EU stakeholders in the field of electrochemical energy storage materials. It leverages EU know-how & expertise from 11 Countries and facilitates access to physical facilities, usable data, and industrially relevant services based on novel characterisation solutions. The project is setting up & implementing a financially sustainable Open Innovation Test Bed whose techniques and services address diverse problems faced in the development of clean, safe, high-performance battery solution.

TEESMAT increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the European innovation ecosystem, thanks to the involvement of recognized private/public developers of materials, cells, batteries, electric systems, equipment, and characterisation & test solutions for the successful implementation, development, demonstration and deployment of the novel characterisation solutions needed for the emergence of high added-value electrochemical energy storage materials and bespoke services.

The overall aim of TEESMAT is to lower the barriers of access to industrially relevant, novel problem-solving techniques and services, including characterization and data analytics for large and small companies.