Archived project
This project started on Jan 01, 2015 to end on Dec 31, 2016.
WeHubs is an ambitious coordination and support action aimed at providing a strong support to women web entrepreneurs (existing and potential) in Europe and coordinating existing web entrepreneur’s ecosystems to provide dedicated services to women.

We seek through WeHubs to create a favourable environment for women web entrepreneurs, by linking together local fragmented ecosystems nodes, and foster networking and exploitation of synergies, into the first European Network for Women Web Entrepreneurs Hubs.

WeHubs will facilitate knowledge sharing between relevant stakeholders of the European web entrepreneurs’ ecosystems and provide dedicated services for women web entrepreneurs and access to relevant events, platforms and support structures. In this respect the project will foster the creation and scaling of web start-ups created or co-founded by women (impact on women), strengthen the existing web entrepreneurs ecosystems through networking and complementary services (impact on ecosystem) and support the emergence of a dynamic European ecosystem for women web entrepreneurs contributing to the formulation of relevant policies, support the implementation of Startup Europe initiative and the wider enforcement of the European digital sector (policy impact).  

In a nutshell the project will increase the participation of women in web enterprises providing motivation and raising the confidence; encourage and guide web entrepreneurs around Europe to support women web entrepreneurs and actively commit in WeHubs; inform women entrepreneurs about existing ecosystem and their benefit; provide guidelines and recommendation to EC for enhancing the business environment for women web entrepreneurs.

The WeHubs consortium includes the different roles and groups of partners to achieve effectively the project objectives: 5 providers of entrepreneurship support (EBN; Founder Institute Europe; Media Deals; VILABS; Berythech) 2 providers of dedicated support to women (European Centre for Women and Technology; Enterprising Women) and 1 expert organisation in European and international research and innovation partnership (InternInnov).

This project might be of interest to business support organisations providing engendering services and women web entrepreneurs seeking for more tailored support for their business.