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BIC Euronova attracts to Malaga a new international company from Latin America

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The company Consultec, with presence in 15 countries, starts its activity in EUIBIC BIC Euronova, the European Business and Innovation Center of Malaga.

BIC Euronova, the European Business and Innovation Center of Malaga, based in the Technology Park of Andalusia (Malaga Tech Park), incorporates to its center the international company CONSULTEC; founded in Latin America, with headquarters in Panama and presence in 15 countries in the region.

With this incorporation, BIC Euronova increases the number of international companies housed in its center, thus reinforcing its international vocation and extensive experience as a European Business and Innovation Center, a pioneer in Malaga in supporting the creation, incubation, consolidation and internationalization of innovative companies.

BIC Euronova has extensive experience in providing softlanding services to foreign companies that have decided to start their business in Malaga. In addition to hosting innovative companies from Malaga and Spain, BIC Euronova also hosts international companies, such as the recently incorporated Consultec, among others of different nationalities. In fact, throughout its more than 30 years of activity, BIC Euronova has hosted companies and entrepreneurs of different nationalities such as Dutch, Belgian, English, French, Italian, Irish, Danish, Finnish, American, Gambian, among others.

For their part, CONSULTEC and OMNIBANCA™ thus formally start operations in the EU, with the purpose of expanding their services to other countries, and for this purpose they will take advantage of the Soft Landing capabilities of BIC Euronova, its European network EBN (European Business and Innovation Centre Network) and its international partners, which facilitate the entry into new international markets through intercontinental alliances.

Joining BIC Euronova will make it easier for our organizations to access consulting and advisory services to operate in the EU. The BIC Euronova Innovation Center also offers a wide range of softlanding and internationalization services, participation in international projects, networking activities, interrelationships with new technology forums, start-ups, business angels, business accelerators, and synergies between complementary companies,”


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